‘Only a genius can find them’: Can YOU spot the differences in this photo?

A CASE of spot the difference has sent the internet into a spin, with images of the Mona Lisa and Big Ben leaving viewers puzzled.

Spot the difference can be a frustrating exercise at the best of times, but this game is extra tough.

The series of seemingly identical photos all contain a few subtle differences, and some are almost impossible to spot.

Shared by Playbuzz, the images depict classic scenes like Big Ben and the famous Mona Lisa, as well as some everyday settings.

The Playbuzz caption reads: “They say only a genius can find them…. are you feeling smart?”

Big Ben has become the subject of spot the difference in a baffling puzzle

Mona Lisa hides more than her knowing smile with two differences lurking in these images

Can you spot the difference in these images of a woman staring out to sea?

Find one difference

Source: Express.co.uk


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