This Kim Kardashian lookalike gets paid thousands for her social media posts

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A teacher?

An astronaut?

A celebrity lookalike?

If that last thing was something that crossed your mind, then start getting jealous of Erina Budina because she has your dream job, and gets paid for it!


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She’s 24 and her brand is, wait for it: she just looks like Kim Kardashian.

Yup, she shares extremely similar features to the reality star and after many thousands noticed this on Instagram, she’s getting paid to post more and more. She’s featured on the BBC Three’s documentary Young, Welsh and Pretty Minted, where she goes into detail about how she built her money and what she spends her cash on.

The fact that makes this a modern, social media fairy tale? She used to live in her car boot and only £100 to her name.

She was aware, however that social media can make her rich.

And she was right. She now makes more than a 1000 dollars per post, her posts usually being about cosmetics or clothing.

After she stocked up on cash, she decided to sculpt her bum for something over $10,000 and to get rid of the fat on her sides.

She hopes to be even more successful in the future.

“If I hit 30 and I am not worth £10million, nah, I am upset,” she told the BBC Three programme.

“I see myself living in a huge big house in London. I feel like I’ll be married to some sexy, like, rapper or a basketball player.

“I think I’ll have loads of kids. I want, like, a big family, ‘cos I’ve got a big family, and I want five kids.

“I see myself driving a pink Lamborghini, iced-out Rolex, covered in jewellery, designer bags… A yacht, hopefully, a yacht.”

There’s is pressure from the public life, though.

“I do feel the pressure. Some days, no matter, it’s not enough,” she said.

“You’ll do your hair the same, your makeup the same, but you’ll just be like, ‘Oh my god, I’m so ugly’.

“At least three times a week I think I’m absolutely hanging, but then the rest of the time I think I’m stunning.”

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She is indeed.

Source: VT


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