You May Not Have Your Dream Job But At Least Its Better Than These!






1. Porta potty cleaner

2. His face says it all.

3. Yes, that is indeed sewage.

4. He must really trust his colleagues.

5. All he needs to do now is find the correct wire…

6. What do you even call this job??

7. Surely there’s a better way to go about this…

8. You can never complain about shovelling show again…

9. Hope he’s not claustrophobic.

10. Well this is just bizarre all round.

11. Apparently this person is an ‘elephant examiner’.

12. These are ‘deodorant testers’.

13. This guy’s job absolutely requires a ‘balanced lifestyle’.

14. He should maybe just get a better zoom…

15. Perfect way to start the day!

16. He’s building his career brick by brick.

17. “No need for a harness, I’ll be just fine!”

18. That’s right. You work for horses.

19. Just when you thought your suit and tie couldn’t be any worse…

20. Well at least he knows he’ll catch something…


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