10+ People Who Failed So Hard You’ll Just Be Amazed






1. What happened last night?

2. This tattoo artist who really didn’t do Ben Franklin justice.

3. When your mom doesn’t understand what the buttons are for

4. When you failed so hard, it was impressive.

5. I want the blue one!

6. Now that’s unfortunate…

7. Hey, that look might catch on…

8. The definition of karma

9. This computer can’t.

10. Figured it out yet Grandma?

11. Ummm… that acronym’s already taken

12. There’s nothing wrong with needing a little comfort

13. “Drunk? I’m not… oh, thanks for offering.”

Man Breathalyzer GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

14. That’s just amazing.

15. That couldn’t have gone worse

16. That Earth Day fun run

17. That’s illegal?

18. Well that’s embarrassing


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