Plastic Surgery Addict Says She’s Incapable Of Sitting Cause Her Butt Is Too Big & May Explode

Over the past 11 years, Star Delguidice has had over 200 plastic surgery procedures and spent nearly $30,000 on improving her appearance. She used to be a plastic surgery enthusiast but now because of her latest surgery; she wants to have the procedure reversed.

The Birmingham, England resident started with simple cosmetic surgeries, which progressed into more challenging procedures. Her latest operation involved Star flying to Turkey to have butt implants inserted. The 7-hour operation involved doctors taking fat from her arms, thighs and other parts of her body and injecting it into her bottom.

Star was interviewed on British television standing up. Why? Her implants won’t allow her to sit down. Laying down is also difficult for the 28-year-old.

Star credits her fascination with cosmetic surgery to her strict upbringing. She was raised in a household where her freedoms were severely limited.

She spoke candidly about her need to have surgery. She’s like many who can’t get enough of modifying their appearance. But now, star is struggling with post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety that were all brought on by her numerous procedures.

“I think it stems from being a young child and shut away from a lot of things that normal children weren’t. I’m not entirely blaming my family for the way I’ve turned out, but you know… I probably am addicted to surgery but I am really scared now.

“The operation was a seven-hour operation. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m having therapy because I’m having post-traumatic stress through the surgery. I feel scared and stuff.”

Star isn’t the only one affected by her surgeries. “It has a bit of an effect on me – mentally, and very much so physically. I haven’t been able to take my lovely little dog out for a walk and that’s affected me. I just want to live a normal life… if someone said ‘would you go through this again?’ I’d say ‘definitely not’.”

A doctor has urged the young woman not to have any further operations on her bottom. It could take up to two years for it to heal.

Star has traveled down a tough road. She allowed her addiction to cosmetic surgery to control her life. This industry preys on individuals low self-esteem and self-worth. Hopefully, star will learn who her true self is and how to love this woman just the way she is.

Source: goodfullness


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