How Would Your Favorite Cartoon Characters Look If They Were Humans?

Everybody knows that in cartoons, characters may be or may look however the artist wants them to be or look like. For all of us, animals and especially cats or dogs are our favorite cartoon characters.

Prospects are infinite, but have you ever thought how non-human characters would look like if we were to give them human faces!?

Artists and creative minds never fail to surprise us, and these original works of art of many of cartoon characters that all of us love and have good memories of from when we were kids, and some even enjoy watching still accompanying our children or just spending a lazy weekend at home.

In this list, you are going to find some of the most beloved cartoon characters for many of us, but in this case they look like humans and they will make you laugh, they will make you even nostalgic about your childhood times.

Lola Bunny

Bugs Bunny

Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony

Gumball and Darwin

BB-8 (StarWars)

Mickey Mouse

The Minions

Pepe le Pew

Simba and Scar

Judy and Nick

Duchess and Thomas O’Malley


The Penguins of Madagascar

Wall E and Eve

Lady and the Tramp

Source: 9gag


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