10+ Photos That Prove Australia Is A Terrifying Death Trap

Do you wish your life was similar to the movie Highlander?

Travel to Australia and you can have your very own daily brush with death.

Here are 17 photos that might change your mind about visiting the land down under.



1. Maybe just stick to window shopping for now…

2. Just a crocodile casually catching some waves.

3. You’re not even safe on the toilet.


5. This is a fox bat. They’re full of fun diseases and they just love to share them with humans!

6. It’s paradise for more than just surfers.

7. Just your friendly neighborhood crocodile…

8. Party in the hole.

9. In case its not clear, that’s a crocodile being eaten by a snake…

10. And here’s a snake doing some work on another terrifying bat…

11.This lace monitor iguana that’s trying to be a ninja assassin.

12.That’s an 18 foot monster (!)

13. This army of beetles.

14. This camouflage fish that’s hoping you step on it.

15. This beast snake that’s pulling a full buffalo out of the water.

16. “Here’s one I prepared earlier”.

17. Caution: jellyfish crossing.

18. “Is that a snake in your door, Jim?”.

19. Australian “hide and seek”.


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