Huge Great White Shark Observes Cage Divers In Stunning Underwater Photos

She is 20ft(6m) long, weighs more than two tonnes, can be seen circling the cage time and time again .

Images were captured by water safety specialist John Maher off the Guadalupe Islands in Mexico.

The photos were taken for a shark identification project.

The 35-year-old, from La Jolla in California, traveled more than 24 hours on the research vessel and spent three days documenting the different great whites

‘Once we were near, the boat anchored and the shark cages were dropped to a depth of 40 feet.We spent three days diving in the cages, specifically looking for great white sharks. I spent an average of eight hours underwater each day photographing and studying the sharks.”

‘I was about 40 feet away from the other cage,’ John said. ‘To the best of my knowledge, the shark I saw was one of the largest female great whites anyone had seen all season’

“She moved slowly, using very little effort, and seemed to be gliding more than swimming,”

“She was an absolute beauty and was as wide as a VW camper van.”

Guadalupe is considered one of the best spots in the world for sightings of the great white shark, possibly because of its large population of seals

Adult great white sharks feed on elephant seals, which are well over five times the size and weight of a grown human.

‘I felt amazing while taking the photos. I’ve always had a deep fascination with sharks, and the great white is the biggest and most elusive of them all. I enjoyed every second underwater with them. I would often put my camera down at my side and just study their beauty and behaviour and try to establish eye contact… (it) is a spiritual experience.”

‘I was mesmerized and surprised at just how camouflaged they are at depth. Great white sharks are ambush predators, so they swim just out of sight before striking their prey from a blind spot.’


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