10+ Photos Too Frightening To Comprehend

Imagine perfect, idyllic and peaceful, and then the absolute opposite of it.

The images below are perfect examples of those situations.




1. Imagine getting this fugly fish’s teeth up in you!

2. Oh you want to use the sun visor? Think again.

3. Tempting. Very tempting…

4. This ‘church’ has a very dedicated congregation.

5. It just had to be right at the bottom didn’t it.

6. A Bee Ceen Dead.

7. A visual representation of instant regret.

8. Nope. Nope. Nope.

9. “No niggling nasties?!” Just a wriggling one.

10. Does this look like a happy ending?

11. When even the locals are impressed, you’ve got a situation.

12. That acorn-looking mofo is a bladder stone. UGH!

13. Bark off.

14. The moment you realize how important that health and safety certificate is.

15. Hil no.

16. Gross!

17. You thought your house was damp?

18. This sobriety test.


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