There is a 4th person hidden in this picture. Can you find him?






This image is a real classic from a puzzle magazine.

Can you solve all the riddles in this picture?

1. How many tourists are in the camp?
2. Did they arrive today or a few days ago?
3. How did they get there?
4. Is there a village nearby?
5. Which way does the wind blow?
6. Approximately what time is it?
7. Where is Alex?
8. Who was on duty yesterday? (his name)


1. How many tourists are at this camp?
There are 4. Four sets of cutlery lay on the picnic blanket, and there are four names on the list – even though the last one is hidden.

2. Did they arrive today or a few days ago?
They arrived a few days ago. A spider has had time to build a web between a tent and a tree.

3. How did they get there?
In a boat. The oars are leaning against a tree.

4. Is the next village far away?
No, the next village is not far away. There is a chicken wandering around. That means that the next village is quite close by.

5. Which way does the wind blow: from the north or from the south?
The wind is blowing from the south. The flag shows the wind direction. How do we know which direction is which? Look to the trees: the branches on the southern side are normally longer.

6. What time of the day is it?
It’s morning. Based on the answer from the previous question, it’s easy to distinguish north from south. Therefore, we also know where east and west are and can tell the time according to the shadows on the ground.

7. Where has Alex gone?
Alex is chasing butterflies. You can see his net behind the tent.

8. Who was on camp duty yesterday?
Colin was on duty yesterday. Colin is looking for something in his backpack (marked with a C). Alex is chasing butterflies. James is taking a photograph (his tripod is visable in his bag). That means that Peter is looking after the camp today, and Colin was on duty yesterday.

Quite a difficult puzzle, right? Not everyone can figure it out, and everyone has trouble with the first attempt. Solve the tasks and find out how observant you really are.


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