These 19 People Won’t Be Joining Us In 2019. #3 OUCHHHH!






#19. Like this poor lad, who left us so young:

#18. And this chancer, who just took one too many risks:

#17. Ladies and gentleman, the real “Girl on Fire”:

#16. Sometimes, life can be one dangerous ride:

#15. 2016 may be better off without this guy:

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#14. At least she died doing what she loved; playing giant Jenga in the garden:

#13. All she wanted to do was dance… :

#12. The sad thing here is; she saw it coming:

#11. His older brother just kept running… and running… :

#10. There will be no holiday in 2016 for this couple:

#9. She left us with a smile:

#8. Long-jumping into the ground, and out of our lives:

#7. Statistics say, only 1 person every 128 years is eaten by a camel… the unlikely lass:

#6. Lest we forget the men behind the cameras:

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#5. He never stood a chance:

#4. Buried alive:

#3. It’s not the lad we lost; it’s the possibility of future generations:

#2. Off to that swing-set in the sky:

#1. And some people won’t be missed:

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