10 Genius Clothing Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever

If you’re anything like me, you can attest to spending a little bit too much money on clothes.

Those flashy red sale signs are almost impossible to resist, and more often than not, you find yourself leaving stores having spent a lot more than you intended to.

While it’s all well and good having a big wardrobe, we all have certain items of clothing that we love, and it’s devastating when something happens to them – especially if they’re expensive.

A $200 jacket just isn’t the same when one of its buttons pops off!

However, there are a lot of hacks out there that not only solve everyday clothing problems but could save you money in the process…

1. Ripped jeans shouldn’t be a write-off!

Just get a pair of fashionable tights and upcycle them into a completely new outfit.

2. Give your jeans a facelift

There’s no need to buy a new pair when you can easily remove those pesky clothing bobbles with a razor.

These hacks aren’t just good for your wardrobe and wallet either, they’re also incredibly environmentally friendly. Clothing is one of the biggest polluters out there, with the average American throwing away 82 pounds of textiles every year.

A little-known fact about clothing waste is that it can take up to 40 years to decompose.

Check out the video below for even more clothing hacks!

3. Stop your knee-high boots from ever falling down again

And recycle your old pool noodle at the same time.

4. Say goodbye to food stains

You don’t need a fancy detergent to do it. Washing up liquid actually does the trick for most food stains!

On the subject of being more environmentally friendly consumers, if you thought that textiles took a long time to decompose, you’ll be even more shocked by how long it takes for shoes to turn to dust. Horrifyingly, it can take up to 1,000 years for the Earth to break them down.

5. How to make one top become two

No one will ever notice. Talk about genius!

6. I wish I’d known this earlier

There’s nothing more frustrating than ruining a pair of black jeans with bleach, but thanks to this hack, we can hide our mistakes!

7. Ever bought shoes that are a size too small? Especially in the sale?

Well, if you freeze sandwich bags full of water in them, they’ll stretch out naturally.

Obviously, not all clothes can be hacked into perfection in this way. However, instead of wasting your textiles, you can repurpose them into other things like pillowcases and jewelry box lining – if you’ve got a kid, memory bears and blankets are a great idea too.

Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that you can donate your old clothes to charity.

8. Don’t worry about sweating onto your new top

Your panty liners have your back. Discreet and comfortable. Just place them under your armpit and you’re good to go.

9. The genius way to hide your bra straps

You don’t need a strapless bra. You just need a paperclip.

10. Need insoles at the last minute?

Well, sanitary pads have once again got your back. They’re not only cheaper but probably more comfortable – and they’re easy to replace.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I am absolutely livid that I didn’t know about these hacks until now. There’s a lot of clothes I wouldn’t have thrown away, and I could have saved the money I spent replacing them on, um, more clothes. But it’s the principle!



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