These Illustrations Creatively Show How True Love Is Constantly Elusive

It’s been said that women are from Venus while men from Mars, whoever coined this statement clearly had love in their mind. Love is a drug that blinds our consciousness and impairs logic which is why two people in love hardly see beyond their union. Men and women fall in love in a similar if not identical manner but their motives remain different.

Artist Nono Astro Irarez creates art that explains the men’s and women’s point of views when it comes to the elusive subject of love. Women tend to love stronger and get attached easily while for a man, love often means the willingness to make a particular woman happy. Everyone loves a good story but can a good story lead to love? Let’s Find out.

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I will follow you to the ends of the world

Kisses of the forehead are the thing

She’s famous, however stardom doesn’t give true happiness

I trusted you, but you stabbed me in the back

Most disgusting creature comments on your post

That longing to be held tight, never letting go

Love her, but give her space

Giving everything for love, then betrayal

Life is meaningless without you

Mother nature, creatures love her

Fathers will always be the number one love to their daughters

No one cares unless your pretty or dying

He became hers, never separable

Hating how much I love you

Remember when we first fell in love, our love was young yet strong

Pizza, roses and you- the best evening

The strong chemistry we had

Don’t play with her heart if you see no future with her

Drowning in one’s own tears of sorrow

Seriously in love with you

Wish you were there, little too late

Little bit fascist

Miss you, through music

Lost somewhere in outer space, together

Touch me and the pain will fade away

Pure beauty of the albino

Sacrificing everything for him

Avoid him or you’re gonna wake up in his bead with regrets

Sorry, I’m vegan

Handling your demons without fear

Take me home, where I can feel safe again

Take a moment and think about it before committing


Completely helpless for you

Addicted to social status

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