What The Colour Of Your Urine Says About Your Health, An Experts View

Everyone shies away from talking about urine in public while in reality, it tells quite a lot about your health or lifestyle. the colour, consistency, and odor of your urine could give an accurate representation of your health, lifestyle, what you eat or drink. It might even be an indication of a disease you may not know you have.

Urine, according to the UC San Diego health is composed of 95% water and 5% a mixture of complex electrolytes that include urea, sodium chloride, creatinine. Urine is generally identified by its yellow color which according to UC San Diego health is caused by component urobilin. This is a biochemical waste product resulting from the breakdown of old red blood cells in the body. Other urine colours might say different things, find out below.

Transparent urine

Colorless urine could indicate that your body is over hydrated. According to the UC San Diego health, being over-hydrated is not a cause for concern; but essentially too much water can dilute essential body salts that can create a chemical imbalance in your blood.

Pale colour

Pale urine is a clear indication that you are healthy, normal and hydrated. No reason for being worried.

Dark yellow

Dark yellow urine still indicates that you are healthy, but it might also suggest that you might be mildly dehydrated. Consider increasing your fluid intake.

Blue color

Certain food dyes and medications are known to produce blue urine. It can also be a result of a rare metabolic disorder, familial hypercalcemia. According to UC San Diego, the above condition occurs when there is an incomplete intestinal breakdown of tryptophan, a dietary nutrient. Consult a physician if your urine is turning blue.

Yellow colour

As mentioned before, yellow urine color shows that your body functions are perfectly normal. You are well hydrated and your renal system is in good condition.

Red colour

If the urine color is red, there is a reason to be concerned. This condition is referred to as hematuria. According to UC San Diego health, this condition might be self-limiting and occurs for short periods; but it can be a sign of infection, kidney stones, or even a tumour of the urinary tract. Problems of the prostate also manifest through hematuria.


According to San Diego health, if the colour of urine is amber, it might indicate that you are dehydrated. However, according to Dena Rifkin MD, a staff nephrologist; it is not advised to examine your urine for dehydration. Instead of taking in fluids based on urine color, it is advisable to hydrate on thirst.

Source: Spysparrow


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