Highlighting Extreme Social Unfairness In The Modern World Through Art

The world is rapidly changing and we are obliged to follow suit. However, sometimes it happens so fast that we are caught up in the melee and fail to judge right from wrong.social injustice is among the top most talked about world issues.

Art has been used as one of the numerous ways to highlight the plight of the vulnerable in society and outline the moral decadence that is deeply rooted. Below is a compilation of some of the pieces of art that brilliantly exposes the less spoken issues in society.

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#1. Democracy as a tool of human rights violations

#2. Sexual harassment among vulnerable teens

#3. The power of a woman

#4. Religious discrimination of sexes

#5. The plight of the disabled in face of discrimination

#6. Sexual exploitation for celebrity status

#7. Man eat man society

#8. Sexual slavery

#9. Irony of religion in an impoverished society

#10. Social media in power control

#11. Modern-day slavery

#12. Men bound to be controlled by women

#13. Its all about popping the pills

#14. Third world war, a ticking time bomb

#15. A devil in an angel’s body

#16. Children, naive and easily controlled

#17. Homophobia intollerance and hate

#18. Sexual harassment againsty females

#19. Love brewed over social celebrity status quo

#20. Teenager’s life run by social media

#21. Child soldiers, denied toys and handed guns

#22. Discrimination against self expression

#23. Inside the dirty world of money for money

#24. The rise in innocent child murders

#25. Nudity the new brand promoting market





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