10+ Very Specific Things Only Girls With Thick Thighs Understand

You know the awkward “my thighs are chafing” walk all too well.






1. Finding a pair of jeans that fit your thighs AND your waist is an almost impossible task.

Shops just don’t seem to cater to the fact you need the jeans to actually get past your thighs before you can button them at the waist.

2. You’re no stranger to losing the crotch of your favourite pair to the thigh-rub struggle.

As soon as you see the first hole near your crotch, you know it’s time to say goodbye.

3. Or ripping a belt loop from pulling them up so viciously.

4. Having thick thighs is great, but chafing can be a bloody pain. Literally.

Summer only means one thing — sweaty thighs.

5. So you’ve probably tried all sorts of things to prevent your thighs setting on fire.

6. Baby powder is your best friend when it gets hot and sweaty…

7. …along with pretty much any kind of lubricant that promises to soothe the fire between your thighs.

8. Wearing ripped jeans usually leaves you with a special tattoo, particularly reserved for the thick-thighed.


9. Or to stop your leggings being ripped at the seam.

10. You’re very familiar with the sound of your thighs clapping together.

Usually when you’re running up the stairs in shorts.

11. But not as familiar as you are with banging your thigh on the corner of a table.


12. In winter your thighs are a blessing, because who needs gloves when you’ve got those bad boys to keep your hands warm.

13. And your thighs make the perfect table for balancing things like food on.


14. You know this walk all too well.

When your thighs start chafing, but you’ve still got a while until you get home.

15. And you have expert experience in this:


16. Because sure, big thighs may feel like a blessing and a curse.

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21. But they’re also fucking cute.


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