Top 5 Condom Life Hacks

When a couple is trying to prevent pregnancy, a common contraceptive is to use condoms! Most people are familiar with these sticky balloons and what they’re used for, but because humans get easily bored and are also really creative, people have come up with other uses for condoms such as:

  • Balloons,
  • The Condom Challenge,
  • The Other Condom Challenge.

You remember those disturbing and dangerous challenges that took the internet by storm? One of them involved snorting a condom into your nose and pulling it out of your mouth. Not only is this extremely dangerous it’s also extremely disgusting. The other one involved dropping a condom filled with water onto your head to try and get it to stick on like a helmet. Also equally dangerous as you could easily suffocate or drown.

Pushing all of those dangerous condom uses aside, here is a list of 5 cool life hacks that can be achieved using condoms! Some of them are silly and fun, and others are actually useful tips.

1. Condom Slingshot: This would work perfectly fine with a balloon too. But in case you want to put your condoms to a different use (or they’re the only thing lying around during a zombie attack) you can use this hack to protect yourself. First, find a regular sized can and poke a hole in the bottom of it using a nail.

Stretch a condom over the top of the can and roll it down until the can fits inside. You may want to wash it off first because it’s probably going to be a bit sticky.

Using a dowel rod or a chopstick, slide it into the hole you created earlier. This will act as your bullet or arrow.

Finally, simply pull back from the other side and release. The elasticity of the condom will send the rod flying and you’re now equipped to defend yourself.

2. Having trouble opening a jar? Well, good news! If you can get past what they’re actually used for and you use a fresh one, condoms can give you a hand!

Simply place the condom over top of the jar and place your hand over both sides. Or, stretch the condom over the entire lid.

When you twist, the condom’s material should provide you with enough grip to be able to open the jar with ease!

The next time that you’re in a pinch trying to open that impossible jar of pickles, maybe you can give one of these gloves a try.

3. Have a pair of leather shoes that are getting a bit dull? What would you do if I told you that you can actually use a condom in order to bring them back to a state of shine?

All you have to do is take a condom and place it over your index and middle finger. This is a great hack in a pinch if you don’t have any shoe polish.

Next, wipe the entire surface of the shoe and you will notice that it will begin to glisten and shine.

You can even use it over the top of metal buckles and holes to make the shoes look almost brand new again.

4. Moving somewhere and ran out of elastics? In a pinch, condoms can be used as a great and functional substitute! Apart from the slime…

Simply snip the top of a condom. The elasticized pieces can be used to secure all kinds of items from electrical cords to a bunch of pencils.

These types of hacks could be great for kids in University or College who often have countless free condoms provided to them but not other necessary items.

I wouldn’t be surprised if college kids have already used some of these hacks and have tons of other creative uses for these stretchy things.

5. For this last hack, you’re going to want to make sure that you use non-lubricated condoms, because otherwise that will definitely defeat the purpose.

Have you ever taken your electronics to the beach and been afraid of the rising tide? Water and electronics definitely don’t mix.

Did you know that you can use a condom to waterproof your electronics and other items like lighters or matches?

Simply slip your device into a condom and tie a tight knot at the end of it, making sure to push out any air. Once this is done you will have a completely waterproof device and you can feel free to enjoy the beach or protect your stuff during a commute in the rain.

Source: providr


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