20+ Amazing Pencil Drawings by Andrey Samarin

I’m Andrey Samarin. I’m from Stavropol in Russia. I’m a professional artist, also I’m an art schoolman. I’ve got my own private artstudio. My studio has been successfully working for nearly 14 years. It is the first private artstudio in Russia. Generally I teach academic drawing. And I teach painting in tranings. Also I’ve got education in practical psychology. I realise as an artist. I’m inspired by human bodies, plastic and it’s move ment in space. I’m a diversified artist, I practise abstract painting, realistic art, but most of all I’m keen on academic drawing.

I don’t care to do the monotonous. I’m interested in doing something I don’t know. Therein lies development.

I’ve never had my own exhibition. My studio takes all my time, but my works are very popular in the net all over the world. There are thousands of students in my studio. I always create new education model. I think the aim of our life is constant development.

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