20+ People Who Probably Wish They Could Have Their Memories Erased

We all have our good days and bad days, but sometimes it can feel like someone has downright cursed you.

It’s like you’ve got the worse case of the Mondays and nothing goes according to plan.

Usually, with time, those days become distant memories, but sometimes events that occur are just so bizarre and frustrating that you’d do anything to erase your memory of those moments.

While we may not be able to forget all the things we’d like to, at least we can share our experiences so that others can laugh at our expense.

Here are 22 photos from people who seriously wish memory-erasing technology really existed:

1. Going to be a little late to the funeral…

Always wear a seatbelt. Even when you’re already dead.

2. It’ll still taste the same!

Didn’t they have a bigger box?

3. Someone’s going to be hungry today.

“My sandwich got stuck in the vending machine. Bought a drink to push the sandwich down. Here’s the result.”

4. Someone slammed the door too hard.

Was it the incredible Hulk?

5. Best ice cream cone ever!

Okay, so formerly the best ice cream cone ever!

Ever wash your clothes with fire? This person did…

6. I just wanted to do laundry…

Laundry usually involves water and not fire, right?

7. A really bad case of the Mondays…

Clean up on aisle five!

8. You can’t play dominos with cars.

That didn’t seem to stop people from trying!

9. Her hair got caught in the money counter.

How much do you think it was worth?

10. Whoops!

Pretty sure that’s not supposed to happen!

Number 11 might have you believing in the Looney Toons’ Roadrunner…

11. Is Wile E. Coyote around?

I mean, how else does a giant boulder end up on a car in the middle of the city?

12. A very sticky situation…

“I’m a baker. After working all morning on this order, I get this text from my boss…”

13. How did this happen?

Was it a dare? Seriously, I’d love to hear the explanation she gave to the attractive firemen there.

14. Pepper, pepper, salt…

Or maybe just pepper. Like, a whole bunch of pepper.

15. So much for the furniture!

“My friend put a glass of ice water down on a black glass table on the hottest day of the year.”

Want to see the worst parking job of the year? Check out number 16…

16. Worst. Parking job. Ever.

Seriously, can they get an award or something? It’s actually rather impressive, and just a bit mind-boggling.

17. Ah, memories!

“This is my senior high school yearbook. The arrow points at me in this photo.”

18. Honey, remember when we talked about getting a pool?

Well, it might not be what you were thinking but we can definitely go swimming at the house now.

19. Don’t wash the pillows…

“I washed a pillow.”

20. Beware the pizza thief!

“I left my window open and came back to a slice gone.”

21. Not-so-Cheerleader

That girl on the right has the perfect facial expression for this situation…

22. Buzz Off

And finally! That’s gotta sting…


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