15 Hilarious Adult Moments in Children’s Cartoons

What makes you believe that cartoons are only meant for kids? Disney and other movie studios spent millions and millions of dollars do develop awesome cartons, which means that their main targeted audience is not kids, but parents and kids.

Kids and parents don’t always have the same sense of humor. Let’s take Sherk for example. Even the existence of this character is entertaining and funny to kids. But in order to keep the adults entertained as well, you’ll need an inside joke that most kids won’t get it.

And that’s exactly what you’re about to see. Plenty of inside jokes meant for parents that you’ve probably missed when you watched the following cartoons as a kid.

But hey, this is not exactly the “ruined childhood” meme of a post. You will see plenty of jokes meant for adults, but your precious cartoon memories from childhood won’t suffer.

1 Cinderella
This is probably one of the best cartoons we’ve ever seen produced by Disney. It teases your imagination and there’s a plenty of lessons to be learned as well. However, there is a scene where the mice are gathering beads from the floor, and they do have an interesting imagination when it comes to storing the beads.

2 Ice Age
We can all agree that Scrat, the saber-tooth squirrel, is officially the star of the movie. Even though Scrat is not the main character, it still manages to make kids and adults laugh whenever it appears in the movie. But Scrat wasn’t involved in the inside joke, it was Manny and his famous line referring to the size of his trunk.

3 SpongeBob SquarePants
Sponge Bob is right there on the line because both kids and parents can easily enjoy the cartoon and the adventures of the goofy sponge. But when Sponge Bob made a Squidward balloon sculpture, it was the adults that used the imagination to think of these “balloons” a bit unusual for a kids show.

4 Cars
And yet another brilliant cartoon that we all enjoyed. Talking cars? We can’t say no to that! Besides entertainment, turning cars into people is the perfect environment to add a simple and funny joke as a bumper sticker on one of the cars.

5 Rugrats
Just like Grandpa Lou, few parents probably had a similar plan after watching Rugrats with their kids. But of course, Lonely Space Vixens and similar movies are only meant to be watched after bedtime.

6 Shrek 4
Just when Fiona turns into a really kick-ass ogre warrior, the Donkey said the perfect line that could spark an interesting debate between the parents. This is indeed an inside joke, but it’s clear that the husbands took the shot as well.

7  The Emperor’s New Groove
If you watched The Emperor’s New Groove as a kid, you probably wondered why Kronk’s tent was too small. Well, as it turns out the folks from Disney are aware of the man’s body part that has to be protected by all means.

8 Aladdin
This one could be a little bit over the line, especially if you have a curious kid. When Aladdin hides from a guard in the nearest home, he end ups surrounded by 3 beautiful ladies. But, the strict and a bit madwoman says to Aladdin that every service there must be paid for. Aladdin is too poor for that, and he leaves the house.

9 Rocko’s Modern Life
We know that Rocko got a new job as a phone operator, but we’re not sure what kind of phone service he is providing. But he sure is not selling insurance with notes like these; “Be hot, be naughty, be courteous.”

10 The Good Dinosaur
And if a simple joke wasn’t enough, there’s an actual psychedelic euphoria scene in The Good Dinosaur caused by consuming rotten berries.

11 Pinocchio
There’s no way you will see a cartoon these days where the main character is smoking a cigar. But Pinocchio premiered in 1940, and the side effects caused by smoking weren’t such a big deal back in the old days. And judging by his Pinocchio’s reaction, we’re not sure this was an ordinary cigar. Now, have fun explaining this to your kid!

12 Toy Story 3
This is probably the funniest hidden joke we’ve ever seen in a cartoon. Mrs. Potato Head’s lips get stolen so her husband decided to make a little dirty gesture with his own lips, along with a screen next to him that reads “Ha-ha-ha.”

13 Timon and Pumbaa
If you’ve seen the Timon &Pumbaa show, you simply have to remember the Doubt of Africa episode. When the Tigress shows photos of her kids, Pumbaa says, “wow, you’ve been busy” and the Tigress replies with ”I suppose I am good at one thing.”

14 Dexter’s Laboratory
We’re pretty sure that the writers from Dexter’s Laboratory are still giggling about this one. It is a short scene, but not short enough to fool the kids. They will definitely be asking questions during commercial breaks!

15 Despicable Me 2
The whole dating scene between Gru and Shannon is filled with awkward moments. Both kids and adults were giggling to the chemistry between Gru and Shannon, but obviously for different reasons.



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