This Woman Took A Photo Of Herself Every Day for 1 Year, The Ending Is Just Heartbreaking

The crimes against women are a serious concern all over the world and many steps are being taken by the governments of various countries and institutions to combat this menace. However, the most shameful fact is that the women are not even safe in their houses, yes, they are abused and harassed not only on the roads and public places but in their houses as well and the persons who molest them are their own family members.



There term used for the violence suffered by the women in their houses at the hand of their family members, mostly husband, boyfriend is “domestic violence” and the rate at which the women of whole world are suffering with it, is alarming.

A woman decided to click a picture of her daily for a year and this was her way to tell the people what she is going through. We have posted some of the pics and we admit that our heart started sinking as we reached the end.

1 Seriously worried about something

As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words and these photos speak a lot about what the lady is facing. She was happy and vibrant in the beginning but now she is concerned about something. She may be concerned about her relationship with her husband and must be thinking as to what is going wrong.

2 Looking gorgeous but..

The woman may be going through mixed emotions, on one hand she must be feeling that everything will be fine by time and she just needs to hold on while on the other hand, she may feel that nothing is going right and she gets more and more worried about her future and also about the future of the relationship.

3 Emotionally unstable, sad and confused

This is the period when verbal fights got transformed into physical fights and the woman got beaten by her husband. She got the shock of her life as the person whom she loved so much has started beating her and hurting her.

4 When everything was getting fine, he strikes again

There are times when a couple sits together and talk about their problems and how to solve them. They come up with the solutions and try to implement them also but just then the husband decides to show that he is the boss and the woman has to obey him otherwise she has to bear the brunt.

5 Things not seem to improve now

The incidents of violence get increased as now the husband feels that he can do whatever he wants and there is no one who can stop him. The lady is upset, hurt and in pain, a lot is going through her mind but she is not able to decide what to do and how to bring a control on her husband’s fighting habits.

6 But confidence gets shaken

Because of the constant fights and arguments, there is only negativity in her life and this has affected her eating habits a lot in a bad manner and this, in turn, is affecting her health. She is hurt but tries to be confident but there are instances when her confidence takes a downfall and she feels horrific.

7 She is losing hope

Many times, the woman tried to face the situation and try to control the things but she gets to face the trauma again and the hope that she is trying to keep alive is getting lost as time passes by.

8 She is slowing losing faith

Injuries on her face have become pretty common and but more dangerous are the scars on her heart. She is constantly crying and asking God what wrong she has done to go through all this. Her confidence is broken and she has lost the hope of improving things.

9 Injuries healing but she is still hurt

She has lost her charm as she is always having a fight with herself, asking why she is bearing all this. Most of the times, when a woman wants to come out of troubled marriage, she is forced by her family members to continue and wait for the things to get better. In some countries, the girl is told that her husband’s house is her new house and she shouldn’t leave it at any cost despite whatever happens with her.

10 Red marks again

She is pretty much disturbed, her body and mind both are tired of constant fighting, life is getting tougher and there is no peace in her life. She is always afraid that her husband may come and beat her and her fear comes true most of the times.

11 Horrible condition

The husband is crossing all the limits as he is seeing that she is bearing with his torture and there is no one who is even showing courage to support her, speak for her and fight for her. However, all the woman should remember one thing that in such conditions, it is their first and foremost duty for themselves no matter they are getting anybody else’s support or not.

12 Red marks covered up

The husband is getting brutal and he is beating her badly, the woman tries to cover up the marks with makeup or they get heal after some time but mentally she is broken.

13 Pathetic condition

The bruises are gone from her face but she is very worried and unhappy with her life. The conditions in which she is living her life are pathetic and disturbing.

14 She is deeply in pain and very sad

The situation is getting worse as the husband is getting brutal day by day and he is beating the woman badly.

15 Teary eyes

There are more injuries on her face and she has forgotten to smile as her eyes are always ready to cry.

16 Bruises will take time to heal

The condition of the woman seems to be very serious as it is not just her body which is hurt, her confidence, self-esteem has also taken a blow from the male ego. She should have raised her voice earlier against the domestic violence , hopefully she would have been saved.

17 No scope for improvement

It is absolutely clear that she is a victim of domestic abuse but why she is clicking her pics daily and uploading it on her social media account.

18 Inner wounds are still fresh

The marks may be healing but she is emotionally broken and she is highly concerned about her life and her future because no one can live like this for whole life.

19 Action needs to be taken against the one who has done this to her

She has been beaten again and this time the husband has crossed all the limits of cruelty.

20 This is too much to bear, isn’t it?

There are many questions which need to be answered as to who is she and why she is posting a photo every day.

21 Don’t you agree, things got worse near the end

It is really horrific

In the end, she shows a message which read, “Help me, I don’t know if I will be alive tomorrow.”

22 Let us tell you what was all this about.

This is a project by the Croatian government which attempts at raising awareness about the abuse suffered by women of each country that is being called as domestic violence.

A video was made in which a woman was clicked each day of the year and it was titled as, “One photo a day in the worst year of my life”.

It is necessary that each woman who is suffering from domestic violence should speak up against it and made sure that the culprits don’t go unpunished.

Here is the video:

It needs a combine effort to fight domestic violence which is prevalent almost everywhere in the world.


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