Who Knew These 17 Celebrities Were Also Quite The Accomplished Artists

Being talented in one field doesn’t mean you can’t have other talents as well. In fact, creativity, talent, and originality seem to be pretty abundant in some people, such as the celebrities I am about to mention.

Not only are they musicians, actors and writers but they have spread their creative vision to other fields too. It could be because of their vivid imaginations needing to be turned into something real, or maybe they’re just that exceptional!

Whatever the case may be, their creations will definitely amaze you!

1. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is known to most people as the King of Pop. But not many people know that his hobbies also included drawing – something he was actually pretty good at.

2. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe: “blonde bombshell”, 1950s sex icon, one of the most famous actresses ever, and apparently, quite the artist.

3. Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood, guitarist for The Small Faces and Rolling Stones, like his bandmate Keith Richards, was also an artist- one who has had his work exhibited worldwide.

4. Johnny Depp

On top of his title as one of the biggest faces in Hollywood, Johnny Depp is also a pretty gifted painter.

5. Sir Anthony Hopkins

Like Hannibal Lecter, who he portrayed, Anthony Hopkins is also a painter – and with quite an original style too!

6. David Bowie

As if being a leading figure in the music industry was not enough, David Bowie, was also quite the accomplished artist in other fields as well.

7. Jim Carrey

If you’ve wondered why you haven’t been seeing Jim Carrey in that many movies lately, it’s because he has devoted himself to his art. Netflix even released a movie about his work in painting.

8. George W. Bush

After he left office George W. Bush, the 43rd president of the United States took to painting. His work, which is inspired by pop art, is truly breathtaking.

9. Lucy Lui

Mostly known for her roles in Kill Bill and Charlie’s Angels, Lucy Liu is nowadays devoting her time to abstract paintings influenced by Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock.

10. Paul Simonon

The bassist for punk band The Clash, and now the Gorillaz, also has a pretty remarkable talent for painting.

11. Sir Paul McCartney

As if being part of The Beatles – one of the most well-known bands ever – was not enough, Paul McCartney has branched in other artistic fields as well, such as painting.

12. Pierce Brosnan

As if he wasn’t attractive enough, Pierce Brosnan, (aka James Bond!), is also a painter. It’s quite obvious that his Picasso-inspired work is stunning!

13. Sylvester Stallone

Who would have thought that the man responsible for bringing the badasses that were Rocky and Rambo to life also has a talent for painting?

14. Bob Dylan

Some consider Bob Dylan to be a poet, rather than just a singer, but he has other talents on top of that as well. He’s also a very accomplished artist (he was the one who painted the cover of his album Self Portrait).

15. Steven Tyler

These incredibly mesmerizing and dark works are painted by none other than rock legend Steven Tyler.

16. Marilyn Manson

Just like the nature of his music, Marilyn Manson’s paintings are also pretty dark and unsettling. I’d love to know what goes on inside his head.

17. Frank Sinatra

One of the most popular musicians of the 20th century, Frank Sinatra, apparently spread his creativity to the visual arts as well.


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