Students Create Amazing Chalk Drawings On Classroom Blackboard, And Seeing Teacher Erase Them Will Break Your Heart

A group of students in Senegal High School in Kong Kong has wowed the world with a series of amazing chalk drawings that have gone immediately viral.

Their teacher, however, requires the use of the chalkboard so the drawings need to be erased on the daily which is almost tragic. It’s almost a perfect lesson in Buddhism impermanence, which believes that all physical and emotional elements that come into being will eventually dissolve back into the universe.

Similar to the elaborate sand paintings Buddhist monks will spend days creating only to sweep it away in one motion are these elaborate chalk drawings.

The students at Senegal High School create these marvelous drawings on the chalkboard, but their teacher, unfortunately, needs to use the chalkboard for teaching, so the drawings inevitably get erased.

Here, a student has recreated the advertising artwork poster for the wildly popular anime Your Name, almost to the exact detail using only chalk!

Here, the students have created a Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli mural featuring characters from some of the most successful Studio Ghibli films of all time.

Here we can see a closeup of some of the detail in these murals, including the buildings behind Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service, even to her expression of joy for riding her broomstick.

The students have created a scene featuring a spring forest full of all kinds of creatures, but if you look closely you can see a white rabbit with a very similar costume, and a very large hole inside a tree alluding to a scene from Alice in Wonderland. What an amazing chalk drawing!

Here, someone has made another mashup of the same Hayao Miyazaki mural but with an additional mural that was used to feature some of our favorite characters from other Studio Ghibli films.

A close of the new Studio Ghibli mural shows some of the finer details including characters from From Up On Poppy Hill, and The Cat Returns.

From one of the adjacent classrooms, here is a scene from Disney’s Alice In Wonderland featuring a reworked scenery, and an alternative locale for the infamous tea party.



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