20+ Photos That Prove That Cats Really Don’t Care About Your Personal Space.

We’ve already seen that cats are very sneaky pet in our past post. When it comes to your personal space, cats don’t really give a damn whether or not you’re uncomfortable. In fact, it seems that they actually like interrupting you, preventing you from doing things, or getting in your face.

Whether you are busy or not, the worst part about it? These rude cats so damn cute, we don’t mind at all. We give them all the freedom they need to do their evil things. Below are 31 of the most adorable cat we’ve ever seen who don’t give a damn about you, or your work.

They are all so determined to disturb you that it’s hard to be mad at them. Except #32. You might be mad at him.

#01. Almost 6 Months Old And Still A Daily Ritual

#02. This Is A Perfect Place For Me To Sit

#03. Stop Using That iPad. I Want Attention!

#04. No Privacy At All

#05. I Just Wanted To Play Smash Bros

#06. Spoiler Alert: The Main Character Dies. Now Rub My Tummy

#07. You No Study, You Play With Pebbles

#08. The Pharaoh Personally Supervised His Slaves On Building His Pyramid

#09. Every Morning When I Brush My Teeth

#10. Teemo Trying To Get My Attention While Working

#11. No Cat Understands Personal Space

#12. It’s Become A Morning Routine

#13. Now That’s What I’m Tolkien About

#14. On The Internet Nobody Knows You’re A Cat, Nobody!

#15. Cat Ownership Summed Up

#16. My Cat Chooses Some Very Annoying Places To Sleep

#17. A Cat Will Sit Wherever It Wants To Sit

#18. Got My First Cat This Weekend. This Instantly Happened The First Time I Opened My Laptop

#19. She’s Actually Terrifying

#20. Cat Hat

#21. I’ll Just Lay Here

#22. My Cat Likes To Sit On My Chest And Bite My Shirt

#23. This Is How My Kitten Likes To Ride In The Car

#24. Are You Really Going To Write That?

#25. Best Place To Sit

#26. Oh Hi! Were You Reading?

#27. Why I Never Get Any Work Done.

#28. Too Tired To Care

#29. What Do You Mean You Have To Study?

#30. First Time Being Watched In The Shower By A Non-Person


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