16 Photos Showing That Weird Coincidences Are A Thing On This Planet

Sometimes we see weird coincidental photos and we think “that didn’t actually happen!” Why not, though? Isn’t the world a weird enough place that a strange coincidence or rare occurrence might get caught on camera? Are they Photoshopped or did these people really experience something like a real life glitch?

Have you ever played a video game, and despite the realistic graphics, you could still sense the artifice of the whole thing? You move your character around the city and see the same people everywhere, wearing the same clothes and saying the same things. What if you saw that in real life?

These 16 weird coincidental photos may have you thinking that the world is just one big simulation and that occasionally, the simulation experiences an error that causes these strange things to happen. Luckily there’s photographic evidence to show that yes, the world can be this strange sometimes.

1. Did this lady actually grow a third leg, or is Google just playing with reality again? We might never find out the actual answer.

2. This car looks like it did not load properly. We might have to try turning the world off then back on again.

3. Don’t you hate when you’re walking around and the trees are only partially rendered? It’s so annoying. You’d think life would have better graphics.

4. “Hey when you went to the store today, did you buy red or green grapes?” “Yes.”

5. What do you say to someone when you notice that their candle is no longer working properly? This isn’t even something you can really fix, is it?

6. Either someone worked very hard on making these trees look like a bad 90’s computer game or they just happened to grow that way.

7. I wonder if either of them noticed that they’ve obviously been cloned to make this campus look more densely populated? Which one is the original?

8. Somebody in the rainbow creation department was clearly holding the button down when they only need to press it once.

9. What’s more likely: that these guys are twins who enjoy running together, or that somehow this one guy was spontaneously doubled in the middle of exercising?

10. “Alright girls, just play it cool. If we just look like we don’t know each other, then no one will suspect that we’re actually clones.”

11. You just know that there’s going to be one of those awkward parking lot moments where they each try to get into the wrong car.

12. There is an immutable truth in this world that everyone should be familiar with, and it is this: puddles never lie.

13. It’s entirely possible that this guy got really good at astral projection and that his greatest dream was to actually fall asleep in the other seat.

14. They could have a discussion about what they’re reading in the paper, but it might be kind of boring since they’d just be talking to themselves.

15. There’s something wrong with the way this window is reflecting this cat. Although the cat probably doesn’t think anything is weird.

16. It’s actually really nice that this woman can take time out of her day to meet up and have lunch with herself from an alternate universe.



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