If Disney Princes Had Realistic Bodies

Disney is a huge part of many people’s childhoods. Growing up most kids have watched Tarzan, The Lion King, and Finding Nemo at least once. These animated movies are generally adored by children since they not only teach lessons but provide kids and parents with a good laugh.

These movies can be so monumental in a child’s upbringing that it can be beneficial to their growth. Furthermore, with Disneyland and different theme parks catered to certain Disney characters, kids can get an even more personal look at some of their favorite characters.

But more recently, there has been an outcry based on unrealistic expectations of how girls and boys should look like as depicted by Disney princes and princesses.

Disney princesses are often portrayed as these beautiful, elegant and flawless women that are unfortunately not very lifelike. Although in more recent times, princesses have been thoroughly criticized, it is now the princes’ turn to go under the microscope.

Heroes or princes such as Hercules are often shown as these muscular dudes with perfect flowing hair and an unbreakable will. But in reality, not all men are demi-gods with flawless qualities.

John Smith. Not everyone can have that trim physique with the oft-desired ‘v-taper.’ In reality, like most people, John would most likely sport a more robust and ‘blocky’ body type.

Prince Eric, in reality, wouldn’t be as fit as he is depicted in Disney movies since the storyline indicates that he has a personal chef. As if a drive-thru wasn’t difficult enough, this prince has to deal with the constant temptation of a gourmet meal in his house!

In the movie, Aladdin was only ever seen eating an occasional apple or some week old bread. If he truly was eating that much (starving) then he would certainly look a lot more gaunt and skinny.

If the Beast was truly a beast then he would be a little bigger and much more freaky. Although this one might not be so fair since a man-beast has not yet been found in ‘reality.’

Tarzan lived in a forest most of his life, so it’d be a good bet to say that he wouldn’t have regular access to a razor blade. He would probably be a lot hairier and still as muscular since he was swinging from trees.

Even when the movies are based on animals, we can see prejudice based on appearance. The protagonist is almost always the one that appears aesthetically pleasing and ‘flawless.’ The antagonist (in this case, Scar) is the one that is facially and characteristically flawed.



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