Coffee And Tea Turned Into Beautiful Art By Giulia Bernardelli

What can you do with food and coffee? Just eat & drink, right. But that’s not the case with Bernulia, a creative food artist on Instagram.

Guilia Bernardelli, known on Instagram as Bernulia is an Italian lady which makes amazing art with leftover foods such as spilled coffee, breakfast and ice cream too. But most of her artwork is done with spilled coffee. As we know, coffee stains are the really a tough one cleaning job, but this brilliant artistic lady turned messy things into beautiful work of art using spilled liquid and a spoon or whatever else is nearby.

According to her, she never plans creations in advance. Talking about her unique passion she says, “I decided to replace the brush with what nature offers us, such as leaves, fruit skin or just food”.

So getting inspired from nature, opposite of other creators who sketch objects with coffee, Bernulia crafted the coffee artworks based on spilled coffee, she edited and give regular coffee splashes a new form by turning into attention-grabbing shapes and pictures.

After seeing here artwork with coffee and foods, we bet you will hook on Bernulia’s marvelous art.

Now, just have a look …


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