10 Statues From Around the World That People Just Love to Touch

We all know that statues can bring good luck.

Just go to any city around the world that draws in tourism, and you will find statues that require you to touch, kiss, or interact with them in some way.

Some have an old legend attached to them, and others do not. In fact, it can be easy to spot where the good luck body part is as that part might be a different color or it might be starting to erode.

Some of these old legends are rather PG and just require the touching of a foot or head. For example, in some cities, it will just be a discolored hand or mustache that brings all the tourists.

However, other statues have tourists getting a bit more personal.

These 10 statues from all over the world are ones that people like to touch in inappropriate places.

10 Crazy Girls – Las Vegas

9 Victor Noir – Paris

8 The Charging Bull- New York City

7Dolly Parton – Sevierville, Tennessee

6 Molly Malone – Dublin

5 The Adam Statue – New York City

4 Wife Of Yu The Great – Wuhan, China

3 Juliet – Munich

2 Andras Hadik –  Budapest

1 Haesindang Park – Samcheok City, South Korea


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