20+ Hilarious Pieces of Sex Art that Are Nowhere Near Sexy

The artists behind these NSFW artworks clearly wanted people to quit getting it on.

When we think of art depicting sex, we often think of sensual pieces like Greek statues in various stages of undress, the Kama Sutra, and the strange yet alluring tentacle art from Japanese Ukiyo-e.

But that’s just one side of the art world depicting sex, because the following works of art were most likely created to turn you off sex forever.


1. He’s been there for hours and he still couldn’t find it.

2. No weapon? No problem! Giant penis will do.

3. Because gourds must always remind you of your last BJ.

4. A mythical giant somewhere is looking for her lost dildo.

5. This is totally how sex works, right?

6. Just open up your fruit locket to remind you of how sex works.

7. Is it bestiality if you’re half goat yourself?

8. A tangle of legs = every orgy ever.

9. He had a penis so long he decided to hang himself with it.

10. “Don’t worry, dear. The dog likes to watch.”

11. Headed home from the market, but gotta get laid first.

12. If it doesn’t fit, might as well just ride it.

13. Flying dicks were a thing back then.

14. Sex for Acrobats: Position 342

15. Hello, Genitals-san!

16. People totally used to go at it with snakes like it was nothing.

17. The French also had their own tentacle art.

18. But Japan takes the cake when it comes to sex with tentacles.

19. Let’s hope her husband won’t wake up.

20. Is she holding a baby?

21. Disembodied rapey dicks. Someone put a lot of effort into depicting them.

22. Puts a whole new meaning to “Let’s make beautiful music together.”

Source: Elite Readers


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