7-day bubble butt challenge for women over 40

Ladies who do not dream of a round butt, like Rihanna’s butt, are rare species, akin to mammoths. So, get ready, we have prepared the best exercises for you in order to make you get the buttocks of your dream and to feel super great in tight jeans!

Start using our app and you will see good results in a short time.

It is very difficult for modern women to go to the gym, because they need to go to work in the morning, and in the evening they need to pay attention and to take care of the family.

Despite such lifestyle, every woman, regardless of her age, wants to be beautiful.

You can make a bubble butt not only in the gym, there is a set of great exercises that you can do at home. Right exercises at home will give a result no worse than what you get at the gym. Let’s look at 7-day bubble butt challenge for women over 40:

#1. Single Leg Bridge. Lie on the floor, bend your left knee and lift your right leg. Then lift your hips. Do it for 30 seconds if you are beginner and 1 minute if you are intermediate or advanced.

#2. Alternating Side Lunge. Stand on the floor with your legs shoulder width and perform lunge to the left and then to the right. Do it for 1 minute.

#3. Full Range-of-Motion Squats. Stand on the floor with your legs shoulder width, place your hands behind your back and perform squats. Then take a dumbbell in your hands and keep them straight in front of your breast and perform squats. Do it for 1 minute.

#4. Squat with Side Leg Raise. Stand on the floor with your legs shoulder width, perform a squat and then lift your right leg to the side. Alternate legs, do it for 1 minute.

#5. Squat Jump. Stand on the floor with your legs shoulder width, perform a squat and then jump up. Do it for 1 minute.



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