Magician’s Winning Performance Leaves Israel’s Got Talent Judges in Disbelief

This man is the real deal!

After seeing hundreds of magic performances online and on television, it has become hard for many magicians to shock and surprise viewers and audiences. They have to come up with different styles and tricks to make people want to see more of their performances. While it is hard for some, Illusionist Tomer Dudai never fails to amaze both the judges and the audience with his continuous and ever-surprising performances in Israel’s Got Talent.


Tomer begins his performance with an adorable entrance of a young boy who was about to go to bed. But just a few moments after the child tucks himself in, Tomer suddenly emerges from under the sheets, while the boy vanishes into thin air!

While the audience and the judges are already in shock, Tomer has more tricks up his sleeve. He is then brought into a glass cage by a woman, who later exchanges places with him in a split second! Israel’s Talent judges couldn’t believe their eyes.

An elderly couple then enters the scene after Tomer goes inside a box placed on a table. The box is then wheeled around for people to see before the couple decides to do something amazingly unbelievable. They then push one side of the box into a tiny space wherein it would be impossible for a large man such as Tomer to fit it. To make things more shocking, a woman enters the stage and pushed the side of the box further, making it show as if Tomer had completely vanished into thin air!

Just a few moments later, Tomer and the young boy jump behind the judges and surprise the women with flowers in hand. Now, do you believe in magic?


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