15 Awful Human Beings That Will Make You Feel Like A Saint

No matter how bad you think you are… someone somewhere is just worse.

It’s easy to get enwrapped in the thought you’re a bad person. As humans, naturally, we feel guilty about tiny things and punish ourselves for being the ‘worst person ever’. But when you actually think about it, you’re being crazy.

So you might have jumped in a taxi that was somebody else’s or pretended not to see someone you didn’t wanna speak to but I’ve got news for you: you’re not a bad person.

To inspire you further to believe me, we’ve pulled together some pictures of people that did things that’ll make you feel like Gandhi. Some are funny, some are outright shocking. But whilst these people definitely aren’t total bad guys, take comfort in the fact they’ve done things worse than you.

1. This guy who actually got this tattoo

2. This lady who gave ‘free smells’ to all that walked by

3. This pleasant man who made all passengers feel sick

4. “If we can’t see them, they can’t see us”

5. This shameless lady who ‘paid’ for all her stuff

6. This awful sister that did the unspeakable

7. The classic sibling prank that puts you in a difficult situation

8. This awful person with a vendetta against elderly people

9. “My sister is a monster”

10. This person with not a single brain cell

11. This person that’s helping people get some movement in the bathroom

12. People who give spoilers are the worst (sorry)

13. This bacon stealing woman

14. This bitter person who just wanted to win

15. This insanely obnoxious drive



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