23 Times Teachers Took A Humorous Approach To Learning

Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students…and make them laugh hard.

Didn’t you just love that teacher at school that used to make the whole class erupt with laughter everyday and generally just made school so much better? We did too.


Every teacher has their own methods. Some of which, make a lesson the most mind numbingly boring experience of all time. But others take a different approach. Some teachers try to make the classroom as interesting for the students as they possibly can and when they use fun and exciting ways to help you learn, everything just sticks better!

However, there are those times when your teacher just goes too far and you can tell they wanna be a kid again too. So they play an insane prank on you, get hilariously mean with their punishments or call you out in front of everyone and embarrass you bad. We have to say, it may be painfully relatable, but it’s still funny as hell.

Take a look at what these teachers did to make the whole class laugh. And succeeded, I might add…

1. This teacher’s punishment for not bringing your own pen

2. The teacher with the perfect comeback

3. This legend of a biology teacher

4. For students who clock watch

5. The teacher that gives out McDonalds application forms with fails

6. And this teacher had similar #methods

7. The teacher sick of her pencils not getting returned

8. The teacher with the amazing fundraising idea (1$ per piece of tape)

9. This teacher’s ultimatum

10. This physics teacher is still in mourning over Pluto…

11. The teacher who had enough of wrong answer

12. The teacher who embarrassed all the couples

13. The teacher with no time for time wasters

14. The teacher who has more important things on his mind

15. This teacher won’t succumb to threats

16. This teachers description of the scientific process

17. The teacher not impressed by Beyonce’s influence

18. This teacher taught the whole lecture like this

19. The teacher who is done with people thinking he is dumb

20. The teacher who loves puns

21. The teacher who wants to call out the liar

22. The teacher that got revenge on a sleeping student

23. The teacher that reversed stereotypes



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