15+ Embarrassing Pregnancy Outfits These Celebs Should Have Left In The Closet

Most celebs wear flawless maternity clothes all the time but then you get those who step out in questionable outfits they should be embarrassed in.
Being pregnant is hard especially when deciding what to wear since your body is changing and you need to ditch your everyday clothes with maternity wear.

Most celebs like Blake Lively, Khloe Kardashian, and Gal Gadot wear flawless maternity clothes all the time but then you get those who step out in questionable outfits that they would be embarrassed in, but they don’t seem to care!

Kim Kardashian is number one as the majority of her pregnancy style is eye-raising and not in a good way.

Blac Chyna joins her on the list and 24 more famous momma’s who left their house and now they totally regret they ever did in these awful ensembles.

Mom to be’s are normally always glowing from red carpet dresses but they are far from glowing in street style disasters consisting of plain shirts and sweatpants.

M.I.A tops it off for the weirdest red-carpet polka dot dress which she deemed while pregnant! Beyoncé wore a dress that just doesn’t make sense as the bottom is puffed up and looks like it came from the Victorian era.

Overalls are a new trend for pregnant celebs, but some just don’t know how to wear them, and it just doesn’t work like Kelly Clarkson. Tracksuits are the preferred style when you’re pregnant for comfort reasons, but other pregnant celebrity moms show how you can wear stunning dresses while pregnant such as Miranda Kerr. Well, Hilary Duff prefers her sweats and yes Ugg boots! The majority of these moms to be’s ditched their dresses and jeans for baggy sweats and plain tee’s!


Queen Bey ditched her usual stylish dresses in a garb that is ugly in so many ways. Spotted at Vera Wang Spring 2012 fashion show in a dress that she should’ve been ashamed in instead of smiling while proudly wearing it. The first reason for this fashion horror is the different elements. On the top, you have a top with a zipper and then at the bottom, it puffs up with wavy lines. The puff up was a big fashion trend in Victorian times, but it was hidden under thick dress material. Beyoncé’s, on the other hand, is bare and the worst part is the ballerina-like tutu material which protrudes from the big puff and it makes the style look tacky. The fact that the bottom is lighter than the top and each area has different material between leather,satin, and tarlatan makes this outfit horrific. Knowles decided to wear it as she wanted to cover up her bump and she succeeded.


This casual attire is a complete mess. Hayden was snapped at Los Angeles airport on her way to a terminal. Everything is wrong with this selection. First of all, none of the color’s match and what is the deal with the shirt. Fair enough baggy shirts are essential for comfort but this one looks Chinese because of the material and floral designs. What makes it even more atrocious is the weird bird design which is super trippy and the weird collar which is orange and black. At the bottom of the shirt, there is the orange line which has no purpose of being there, but it is and the pulled-up sleeve design is unusual since it’s a shirt and not a collared long-sleeved top. The light brown cowboy boots also don’t match the leggings and shirt. Sorry Hayden but this look is way too casual, and no one would want to be caught in it!


Her pregnancy style is usually immaculate but then you get this look. Biel is snapped after going shopping and she looks extremely casual which isn’t her normal style even when she deems maternity wear. In this photo, Jessica is wearing a cardigan, a simple shirt with not even a logo on it and it has a small hole. The sweatpants are plain and baggy, and her shoes are the only thing that looks stylish. The pants are bright, and the shirt and jersey are mix matching. Plus, the outfit doesn’t look expensive and instead, it looks cheap and that it was bought at a commoner’s clothes store like Target. Yes, when you’re pregnant you want to be comfortable but even then, some celebs still go designer with their sweatpants or still at least make it chic which Biel normally does but she decided to be extra cozy that day.


Duff really went for the baggy sporty look in these images as she was caught after a grocery shop wearing baggy sweats that seem to not even fit her and what makes it even funnier is the brown fluffy Ugg boots. Hilary deemed this look during her first pregnancy and the top was a bit tight fitting but didn’t reveal her bump too much although it looks that the top must have been uncomfortable because of the creases at the sides of her waist and by her arms. Hilary wanted a comfortable easy ensemble for her day of shopping and thankfully she added the hoop earrings to give it some style! At least Duff also managed to match the color tones as it matches and the lighter colors don’t make Hilary stand out much it’s just the choice she made as it isn’t upscale at all!


This actress went completely plain in this get up which one probably even wouldn’t want to wear for running. The pants are really baggy, and it seems like they are about to fall down her waist. Alicia’s jersey also looks very old fashioned and the sneakers appear to be worn in as they don’t look new. Silverstone’s shirt also is barely covering her extending belly which it might be an indication that the shirt doesn’t fit her! At least the grey and black go well together as the color scheme is the only saving grace! Alicia wears sweatpants continuously during her 9 months pregnancy and the pants are always baggy and the shirts loose fitting and short as it struggles to cover her bump, or it reveals a tiny bit. The clothes look cheap and for her maternity wardrobe, Alicia doesn’t want too spend to much money on it!


Is it a dress or a buttoned-up collar shirt? It’s very confusing but Pink has no qualms about wearing it while she is preggers! This image was taken in 2016 and one day before her announcement on Instagram. The singer was spotted enjoying a stroll at Santa Monica in an outfit that is hard to figure out because of the buttons and collar but the length is a dress. The material makes it look like a sheet and it hangs loosely which hides Pink’s body shape. It’s obvious she wanted to hide the bump as she wanted to be the one to announce it. Pink’s style is normally sleek, but this dress just doesn’t suit her! The dress in her Instagram announcement though was beautiful as it was white and the wrap around was long and white as well and that set up suited Pink so why would she go out in something so weird the day before.


This image is a shocker as it doesn’t look like Amanda at all as she is normally looking sweet in a pair of jeans but last year, when she needed to fill up her closet with maternity wear, in came the sweatpants. Seyfried was caught here walking the streets of Los Angeles in her Ugg boots and grey pants, and two long sleeve tops, one grey and the other a white color. It appears to be cheap and that it didn’t cost a lot at all and it appears that many celebs love to deem this style especially the pants which you would want to wear when you’re at home not in the streets. The pants are a bit baggy but the top under the jersey looks frayed and at least the cardigan looks polished. Seyfried didn’t make any effort here and it looks comfortable but it’s an outfit for the day on the couch and shouldn’t be worn in public, even when you’re pregnant!


Hathaway normally has an upscale maternity look with trendy boots and a leather jacket but then you get this photo. Anne is getting an exercise while out. The look is very plain because of the simple T-shirt and unique leggings. The sneakers are bold with its orange laces which adds color to the style, but it stands out to much and your eyes end up going straight to Anne’s feet. The leggings are patterned but the color makes it boring and the shirt is grey with a brand name. The cap sticks out like a sore thumb because of its modern pop culture design that makes no sense and the only trendy thing is Anna’s shades! Hathaway didn’t make much effort as it’s not normally what she chooses before leaving the house in her maternity choices.


This outfit is extremely weird because of the jacket and the dress which is simple and way too revealing. Adele was snapped out and about with her husband in a maternity dress that she should have thought about before putting it on and going out in public. The jacket has a metallic shine to it and it has designs that don’t make sense and it’s a weird shape as well since one side hangs more than the other side. What makes it even worse is even though the dress is black it’s still a bit see through which you don’t want especially when you’re preggers! The pumps and black sunnies are fashionable but most of all the coat ruins the whole look because it’s odd and the famous singer didn’t make an effort at all which she should have because of the paps!


Miss Jackson seems to be hiding in this outfit. Janet was caught leaving a store in baggy everything – pants and top. It seems Jackson needed the bagginess as it looked like she was about ready to pop. This look is very plain and there is nothing fashionable about it. The sweats are to lose, and the top is a simple one color and has no fun element to it. The sneakers are quite fashionable, and the scarf is the only thing which adds a boldness to the style. The rest is so bland since it’s only one color and Jackson look comfortable but there are stylish celebrities out there who can still look good even full term but Janet prefers to hide it with clothes that definitely aren’t designer and they appear to be what you would buy at a regular clothing store!


Jessica’s normal maternity style is quite elegant with long dresses for her street style, therefore, this style is eye-raising and would raise the bars on the blush metre. This was taken last year during a lunch date in Los Angeles with her children and it’s questioning especially since Alba always makes sure that she maintains a perfect image, and this definitely isn’t portraying that. The pants are baggy, and Jessica likes her clothes to be tighter as it reveals her body shape, but this ensemble covers it. The sweats also seem like it was made out of wool and the sweater is also oversized and has a woolly texture. The sneakers are way to white and bring a shine to the black. Alba didn’t seem to care how she looked that day and it just doesn’t look like her!


Fisher is a purple queen in this sporty exercising attire. It’s perfect for when you’re pregnant but not when you an actress and you know you’re going to get caught by the paparazzi. The tank shirt is a lighter purple to the pants but they’re both dull! What makes it even worse is the sandals as they aren’t stylish strap ones instead they’re cheap flip-flops and they’re really plain. The animal print cardigan is nice, but it seems a bit too tight and short as Isla can’t button the bottom ones up! It appears that Fisher didn’t spend a lot of money on this outfit and the only thing that looks like it could be expensive is her aviator shades! Fisher’s maternity street style normally consists of jeans and boots but this time around Isla obviously didn’t put much thought into it!


The once famous singer is spotted out and about in workout clothes and the aquamarine blue pants and sneakers are really bold which will draw lots of attention which it did hence the image. The sneakers add flavour because of the yellow laces and the sweats are baggy and loose around her waist. The shirt is boring because it lacks design and it’s quite tight around her stomach. The top is black as well and is also plain. Simpson obviously wanted to be comfortable and didn’t want to make much fuss in getting ready. Normally Jessica makes an effort by wearing stylish coats and designer dresses and handbags as her maternity style as she has been seen deeming that style, but Simpson had an off day here as it’s tame and not her regular!



This is a very odd look for this Hollywood actress as her normal maternity style consists of jeans and striped shirts with swanky boots or sneakers. In this picture, Kunis paints a different picture since first of all she’s wearing sweats with running shoes and the shirt is very loose and has a weird element to it with the red lines across the chest. The pants are grey and not to baggy which is good, but the running shoes are normal looking and don’t look like designer brands such as Nike! Since Kunis just wanted to walk the dog she thought she didn’t need to look her best but as we all know celebs are never safe even if they think they are, from the ever-wandering eye of the camera. Due to this reason, celebrities should look their best at all times and Mila didn’t do it this time.


Yes, the actress is going for a walk but even then there are more stylish outfits. Johansson has a flawless maternity usually and she does look stunning in those images but then you get this dull photo and it makes you wonder why Scarlett decided to not make such an effort. The top is a dull grey and it’s so long that it goes over her hands. The leggings are tight at least and the shoes aren’t all that grand. Johansson is wearing a cap which she doesn’t need to do since she has the hood over her head. Even in photos of Scarlett exercising the leggings are leather and dark black and she’s wearing designer shoes! Scarlett normally dresses immaculately but this time she decided to be boring and this look is better for a day at home.


The Great Gatsby star looks drab in this dress which looks like it came from the ’70s because of the flower prints. Carey was snapped walking the streets of London when this picture was taken but it was unclear then if she was pregnant or not as Mulligan wanted to keep it a secret. But it was confirmed eventually that yes, the bump evident in this photo means Carey was pregnant. The color is atrocious since it’s a mustard yellow and the florals are old fashioned and not modern at all. This dress is like Kim’s in regards that it looks like it came from a curtain or a furniture upholsterer which was famous during the flower power days. At least the dress is a perfect fit meaning it’s not to lose or tight but just right. The only problem is the color and design and a more modern dress would’ve been preferable.


The popular tennis star was spotted at a Tennis match in a very bold outfit choice as it’s a Zara Kimono but Serena turned into a bathrobe by tying it around her waist. The blue is very bright, and the floral prints give it a vintage feel because of the patterns. The material seems soft and that’ it’s made out of silk which will be comfortable. The dress underneath the coat or whatever it’s meant to be is simple and there’s nothing special about it and it looks like it should be a long top instead. Sorry to say but Williams looks like she just got out of bed which explains why she wore the blue kimono the way she did, and she seems very out of place in this garb! If I were her I would be embarrassed! Maybe if Serena wore the Kimono differently it would work better but the way Williams did it just doesn’t suit, and she looks lost.


This outfit is totally out of the blue for this reality star as Kylie is always looking gorgeous in dresses and she has a breathtaking street style which is evident in her selfies on Instagram. In this image which was taken during a shopping spree, Jenner was trying to cover up the fact that she’s pregnant according to People but the shirt says it all since Kylie loves her clothes to cling to her body. The shirt is quite plain even though it has a logo on it and it falls down loosely. Plus because of the design, it makes Kylie look like a teenager. Jenner also wore a pair of leggings and they were very simple and not an extra tight lycra pair. During her trying to keep it secret days Kylie wore shirts that she never wanted to be seen in, but she had to, to remain private.



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