12+ Thoughts That Every Woman Has At The Gym

I cannot believe I’m paying $40 a month for this torture”







1) Spending the whole car journey in a mental dilemma over whether you should go or not

2) You’re paranoid that that they can see how many times you’ve visited when they swipe your card at the entrance.


3) Your personal trainer looks like he’s been sculpted by the Gods. Meanwhile, you look like this…

4) When you forget your towel and have to sneakily run away from your sweat drenched seat

5) “I’ve been two days in a row now- why the hell am I not skinny?”

6) “I’m actually wasting away”

7) “I hope no one can hear that I’m listening to N Sync’s Greatest Hits”

8) When you regularly pause your music to check you’re not breathing like an asthmatic hippo

9) “Great, of course the Victoria Secret model has to come to work out on the machine next to me”

10) “Why does the weight section look like a torture chamber?”

11) *checks stomach after every sit up*

12) *Has first salad of the year in August and puts a photo of it on all social media sites with the caption #EatClean #FitFam #MyBodyIsATemple*

13) When you want nice gym clothes, but you also don’t have the money to spend $80 on a pair of leggings

14) So you buy a two pairs for $8 and this happens after one week of wear

15) “Why is that girl on the treadmill wearing false eyelashes and lipstick?”



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