Thai Star Divorces Elderly Millionaire Husband For Seriously Strange Reason

The Thai porn star who claimed converting to Buddhism helped her find her 72-year-old millionaire husband has now decided she’s had a change of heart: They’re getting divorced.

Nong Nat left X-rated films after a run-in with the law in 2003, and claimed meditation and good deeds led her to American Harold Nesland in 2012.



She said at the time:

Other than receiving kindness from my husband from his monthly payments, he has also been giving me extra money, too.

No matter how much he withdraws from the bank, he splits it with me 50/50. Prayers and meditation get you a good husband.

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But now, after deciding to get divorced, the film star has said she will also be getting a boob job in order to help her get back into adult entertainment.

In a comeback to the industry, Nat released a shower clip showing her lathering herself with soap before splashing around in water.

This girl bounces back fast.

According to the Daily Mail, Nat said:

Me and Harold are separated now. He doesn’t want a divorce but I’ll start the proceedings.

There are a lot of jealous people when someone has the rich husband. It has been hard to survive that.

I’m having a breast operation, it will help me with work. I won’t do adult movies, they’re only what I was involved in when I was young.

But I’m going back to do sexy films and photographs. There’s a magazine deal arranged and sexy shows. I have diamonds already and enough money. I don’t want to work but I have to, to support myself.

Nat has since removed all photos of Harold from her social media pages.

Back to business, then.


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