17 Then-And-Now Pictures That Prove We’re All Just Big Kids Inside

When we’re kids, we do dumb things, make weird faces, and pose for dorky pictures. When we look at our pictures, it brings back the best of the best and the worst of the worst. For the most part, these images capture what it’s like to be a kid and bring us back to the days when responsibilities were few and our greatest concern was when we’d have our next sleepover. Photo recreations are an opportunity to relive the past in a hilarious mashup of memories and the present. Here are some of the funniest on the web!


1. The kid on the left is STILL trying to get that hat just right.

2. Even after all these years, the girl on the right is not amused.

3. The swimsuits may have changed, but they’re still “hangin’ loose” on the beach.

4. That baby just gets bigger and bigger every year.

5. A good friend knows when to shut his mouth!

6. Different fireplace, same overalls.

7. It’s not as easy to carry them around today!

8. After all these years, they’re still smiling!

9. They definitely nailed the faces!

10. How did they find the same shirts in larger sizes?! Incredible!

11. He must be getting somewhat waterlogged after all these years.

12. Talk to the hand!

13. That mother’s knees must be worn out after all these years!

14. You’re never too old to be curious!

15. Still happy after holding that pose for years!

16. Mother and daughter pictures taken at the same age, just 30 years apart. The only difference? One prefers children, while the daughter chooses a cat!

17. Brother and sister Then, 1994 and Now 2012


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