Have You Ever Had Eggs Scrambled Inside Their Shell?!

I contend that there isn’t much in this world that can top the classic eggs, jam or honey and toast breakfast.

It is both easy, nutritious and it takes less than 10 minutes to make!

However, having the same thing every morning might be a little dull.

There are a couple of ways you can make eggs, however, it will all come down to either a fried or boiled And maybe poached.

But I am too cranky in the morning to turn on my Jamie Oliver super powers.

Recently, I stumbled on a perfect solution for you to spice things up when it comes to the way you have your eggs in the morning.

And that would be an inside-shell scrambled egg! Touche!

It takes minimal effort and time and it tastes delicious!

What you’ll need?

  • Egg(s)
  • Long sleeved shirt
  • Rubber bands or ties
  • Pot of boiling water


Take one of your eggs and a long-sleeved shirt. You are going to place the egg mid-sleeve and tie it on both ends with plastic bands.

Then, you are going to start spinning the egg in a circular motion, making the sleeve twist. As soon as it is winded up, you are going to pull on both sides as to unwind it until the fabric is taut.

Remove that egg and put it into a pot of boiling water. Repeat the exact same procedure with the rest of the eggs.

Once they are done, you will have a perfectly boiled egg, that’s mixed all throughout. Spice it with some salt and pepper.

You can have a nice green lettuce with it. Maybe have it with some mozzarella covered garlic toast, some basil and tomato on top! Bon Appetit!

Source: How to Scramble Eggs Inside Their Shell by NightHawkInLight on Rumble


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