26 Times Australian Animals Just Took Things Way Too Far

Can we all just chill for a sec, guys?





1. When these caterpillars all joined up to form a giant nightmare-inducing train.

2. When this wild sheep didn’t get shorn for five years.

3. When this guy wasn’t here to fuck around.

4. And when this giant monster was found on a farm.

5. When a snake did something about all those pesky possums.

6. When this snake ATE a CROCODILE???!!!

7. And when frogs finally got justice.

8. When these two roos had a big ol’ punch-up on a residential street.

9. And when one was turned into a souvenir.

10. When this spider and its family really didn’t want anyone to check the power usage.

11. When this snake found a new place to live.

12. And when this shoe was repossessed by what looks like a funnel web spider.

13. When this pig had a large weekend.

14. When this rhino bug came over to hang out.

15. When this teeny-tiny, almost-invisible jellyfish was one of the most venomous and deadly in the world.

16. When the council had to actually make up this sign warning of magpies.

17. When these roos decided to get it on.

18. When this giant fucking lizard came round to discuss our lord and savior.

19. And when this guy somehow made its way inside.

20. When these snakes were either fighting, or having some ~adult time~.

21. When this shark got bored of living under the sea.

22. When this spider trapped a lot more than it bargained for.

23. When this snake found a new hiding spot.

24. And when a lizard had the same idea.

25. When this free-loader probably didn’t even tap on.

26. And when this guy was just fangin’ for a choccy milk.


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