Forget the bottle opener? Here are 13 nifty ways to open a bottle so you don’t have to wait

If you and your friends are ready to crack open some brewskis but find yourselves without a bottle opener, don’t worry. Opening a beer with a proper opener is A LOT easier than opening a wine bottle without a cork, but both can be done.

Here are some hacks that will get that cold crisp beer in your belly in no time when you find yourself in a pinch without a bottle opener.

The best part about these DIY tips is that you can use them to open any type of bottle, not just beer.

1) Lighter

This is one of the easiest ways to get your beer opened without a proper opener. Take your bottle and hold it by the neck with just enough space for your lighter to fit between your index finger and the bottom of the cap. Push down on the other end of the lighter with your free hand until the cap flies off.

2) Belt Buckle

You’ll use the same exact maneuvering for this method except instead of a lighter you’ll use a belt buckle.

3) Keys

Place the long side of your key under the cap and twist your key upward to loosen the cap. You may have to rotate the bottle and do this on different sides of the cap until it comes off.

4) Ring

Put your hand over the bottle and place the underside of your ring finger underneath the cap. Then, place the bottle at a 45-degree angle and grip the top while you pull it back.

You’ll want to use something sturdy like gold or titanium for this because you can bend silver out of shape doing this.

5) Another Beer

Flip your first bottle upside down. Use the ridge of that bottle’s cap to pull the cap of your other bottle off. Make sure you hold both bottles firmly and steadily.

6) Spoon or Fork

Wedge a spoon or fork under your cap and lift it until the cap pops up. You can also use the handle of a spoon or fork.

7) Defined Edge Surface

Use a countertop, or a surface with a defined edge, and place the cap edge over the lip of our countertop. Whack the cap with your hand or hard object in a downward motion to pop the cap off.

8) Scissors

There are two ways to open a bottle with scissors. First, place the cap in between the two blades and lift until the cap pops up. You can also try to cut through each ridge of your cap until it comes loose.

9) Tree Branch

Curved branches or ones with a knob work best here. Place your bottle so that the cap catches and tilt it slowly and forcefully until it becomes loose.

10) Lipstick

Follow the same instructions as you would if you were opening it with a lighter, but use a lipstick instead.

11) Paper

Fold a piece of paper or a dollar bill a few times so that it’s sturdy and wedge it under the cap and try to pop it off.

12) Door Frame

Tilt your bottle on its side and line the edge of your cap with the lip of your door or the lock latch. Put pressure on your cap at an angle to make it pop off.

13) Screwdriver

Use the flathead of a screwdriver to pry your cap open. It works the same way as the lighter method.

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