Will Iceland Pay You $2000 A Month If You Marry An Icelandic Woman?

In late June of 2016, rumors began circulating that Iceland would pay immigrants $5,000 a month if they married Icelandic women. But why would the Icelandic government do that? Was it because there’s some sort of shortage of men in this region?

According to the story going around, that’s exactly why Iceland was offering this monthly salary that most of us low to middle income earner citizens would love to earn. But while the article on social media caused a great deal of bewilderment, it left many wondering, was this for real or was it all just a bad joke?

Would Iceland pay $5,000 per month to immigrants who marry Icelandic women?

The first thing you have to ask yourself is whether this makes any sense at all. But for most people who are desperately trying to make ends meet, it didn’t matter.

Soon after the claim went viral on social networks, men around the world went crazy.

The Danish embassy started getting a number of applications in Egypt from potential suitors, eager to marry these Icelandic women in exchange for some cold hard cash.

The Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs was also inundated with a bunch of requests as well.

Men from all over seemed pretty anxious to take up this seemingly generous offer from the Icelandic authorities, leaving the ministry in shock.

After the rumors went viral online, Icelandic women everywhere started being pestered.

Guys who were total strangers began to proposition them romantically, almost to the point of stalking through social media, and at first, they didn’t understand why.

It turns out that the entire thing was a hoax, according to Snopes.

The online hoax appears to have started on June 2016 because of an entry in a North African blog called “The Spirit Whispers”, which made those bogus claims.

The blog entry started out with the headline “breaking news”.

But while the English grammar was barely legible, the blog mentioned one thing that rarely needs any type of translation.

A juicy financial compensation of $5,000 a month was what the blog claimed.

The offer was available to any immigrant males, preferably of North African origin, who would be willing to marry Icelandic women.

Most of the information on the blog was largely incoherent.

It started off by mentioning Iceland’s defeat of England in the European soccer championships in 2016. Then it explained that the low number of men in Iceland has forced the country’s government to seek out potential suitors from abroad for the women in their country.

The blog was extremely enticing to North African men.

They had practically packed their bags to go marry a local girl in Iceland in exchange for some seriously awesome financial compensation.

This forced the government to shut the rumors down as soon as possible.

“On behalf of all Icelandic women, this is not true and no thanks!” Well, damn it! Here you guys were already packing your bags, and the Icelandic government had to go and spoil it for you.

This isn’t the first time that “The Spirit Whispers” has tried to pull this hoax off.

Back in 2015, they tried convincing women to come to the UAE and marry Emirati men, claiming that the region didn’t have a large enough female population to keep the man-made island afloat. To sweeten the deal, the hoax claimed that they would pay $3,000 a month for each woman who marries an Emirati.

The government of Iceland came forward and shot down those rumors.

“Information about government grants for immigrants who marry Icelandic women is NOT true,” they said.

For the record, the Icelandic government also assures the world that men in their country are safe.

There is no shortage of men in their country, despite the blog’s claims that that there were only 985 men for every 1,000 women in the capital city of Reykjavik.

The Iceland Review also debunked the rumors before they got out of hand.

“Whoever the people are who run this website, they waste no time checking their facts, and more obviously, not their spelling either. The story is written in broken English.”

The News Maritime website also jumped in to give the Icelandic government a hand.

“We are sorry to spoil your dreams, but all this is a hoax that is being spread over the internet. So don’t get fooled,” they added.

There’s more men than women in Iceland according to the latest population data.

In general, there are 1,007 men for every 1,000 women, and in the countryside, the ratio is 1,129 men for every 1,000 women.

Life can be so cruel, especially when someone bursts your bubble this way.

You can’t help but wonder if there’s even a purpose in life after thinking you were going to marry the woman of your dreams in Iceland, and then, pop, your dreams vanish into thin air.

This might have seemed like the ideal solution for people wanting to flee their own countries.

Not only would they get a beautiful life, but they’d also get to leave behind any deplorable political issues, war, and possibly poverty, hunger, and famine. But sadly, there’s no such thing as a free meal ticket.

So why did the North African website try pulling off this hoax in the first place?

They probably did this to get more traffic to their website. Even though the news eventually proved to be false, it was spammed around on social media for quite a bit.

Anyone with half a brain would realize that this offer was pure bull.

But then again, $5,000 is no short amount, and many people around the world are either greedy or in desperate need of some cold hard cash to get out of a bad situation.

At the bottom of the article on the website, people were asked to leave a comment.

Naturally, the story became the most popular on the website, and there were numerous comments and offers, proving to the world that there are some desperate men out there.

Iceland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs claims that they’ve had to respond to several inquiries.

About 30 to 40 inquiries were received regarding immigrants who wanted to more an Icelandic woman, and all of them wound up receiving a disappointing response from the government.

Marry for money? It sounds ridiculous. Like something from the past.

But in some places, it’s still a sad reality, especially with the use of the internet. But that’s where higher moral standards come in, and people seriously need to realize that marrying for money is wrong and pathetic.

Unlike this hoax, there are some scams that are designed to rip people off.

You might even get a few responses from people that will lie to you and proclaim their undying love. Then, as soon as you leave your country, they will suck your wallets dry like leeches and then leave you for someone else.

So if you’re planning on marrying an Icelander, good for you.

There are a lot of beautiful people in Iceland, but you should do so without expecting a cash payout, because the outcome will not work in your favor.

Source: lifebuzz


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