You’ve Been Applying Glitter Nail Polish Wrong Your Entire Life

Hey guys have you been applying glitter nails polish wrong your entire life? It is time we find a solution to a very common problem that happens to all the girls out there. I have to love/hate relationship when it comes to glitter nail polish. It is hard not to love it with all of that beautiful glitter, but the whole process can be time-consuming and really irritating.

It is a really tiring process and what are you left with in the end but a patchy clumps of sparkle sporadically placed across every nail. Amazing, huh?

Thank God for the talented and clever people out there, who put together new life hacks like this one. Beauty blogger, Kelli Marissa has come up with a very effective way to ensure a flawless glitter finish with zero patchiness. Life-saving.

Below you have all the right steps:

Step one: Start off by applying a clear base coat.

Step two: A very smart trick Kelli uses is ‘liquid latex’ to paint around the edges of her nail.

Step three: Put some glitter nail polish on to the corner of a small sponge. You will find out why.

Step four: PAT the glitter onto your nail using the sponge. Apply it in layers to build up a fully opaque coverage. You never thought it would be this easy, did you?

Step five: Finish with a topcoat. Beautiful, right?

Watch the full video here.


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