When He Said There’s A Baby In This Photo, I Was Dumbfounded. Then I Spotted It. Wow! Do You See It?

When He Said There’s A Baby In This Photo, I Was Dumbfounded. Then I Spotted It. Wow! Do You See It?Spotting hidden objects is a fun pastime for many who are keen to perception; looking through an array of objects to find one particular item.

These forms of entertainment and testing are commonly found all over the place in places such as internet articles, books such as Eye Spy, or activity books for kids. What is less common is identifying hidden objects by playing with positive and negative space.

Positive and negative space are terms that artists use to refer to the type of outlining that a certain picture of set of lines create.

  • For example have you ever seen this famous photo of what can appear to be two faces about to kiss, or a vase?

  • Some see two faces, some see a vase. In reality, both are technically there! Now here comes a real trick. Can you spot the baby in this art piece below?

If you can’t, remember the relationship between positive and negative space, and look in the right area!

  • This red circle contains most of the outline of the baby, so if you can’t find it look in this general area:

  • You can see how much detail the baby actually has if you take a close up look at its face.

Here is the full outline of the baby.

  • It is very interesting how the artist was able to make the tree conform to the shape of a baby while still making the tree appear completely natural.

Were you able to spot the baby on first sight? Let us know in the comments below!


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