25 Awesome, Creative And Interesting Product Design Concepts

Minimalism and cool crafty designs maketh the good guy designer.

Truth be told, there are all kinds of really cool designs for all kinds of different everyday items, and in this list compiled by From Up North, you’ll get to see the best of the best.


1. ‘Quercus’ desk lamp

2. A really cool chair that pops up from the ground

3. Layered wood desk with some amazing paintwork

4. Hammer/axe combo

5. An alarm that also makes coffee

6. Thout Designs’ UtiliTILE

7. A convenient purse that attaches to a bike frame

8. Night light/alarm clock combo

9. This really nice twisted wood table

10. A minimalist, quite green barbecue

11. It’s a wooden stool, but it’s also metal!

12. A nice wooden cord wrap

13. Corner Ladder

14. 10×42 Bench Live Edge Cedar Slab

15. A convenient pull out balcony

16. A minimalist, slightly rotated watch

17. The Panasonic Lumix Epochs collection, with three different and unique camera body designs

18. Levitating soap dish

19. A Sony Flamingo PS-F9 record player, straight outta 1982

20. The very retro Electric Cargo Bike

21. The so-called Reveal Watch

22. Frame Clock

23. The Lacoste L!ve helmet

24. A teacup

With a dedicated area to pull out the teabag once your tea is set

25. Smart alarm clock concept

Pretty cool, wouldn’t you say? Which one of these stunning design concepts was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Daniel Nelson


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