9 Types Of Sex Every Couple Has In The First Two Years

After a while you really stop caring about morning breath.





1. The Minimum-Effort Quickie

For when you’re both exhausted, but you wanna come before you go to sleep. An essential skill for any long-term couple.

2. The We Haven’t Done It In A While

For when you’ve both been really busy at work and you want to remember that you’re not just roommates saving money by sharing a bed.

3. The Probably Too Drunk To Have Sex

For when you’ve had too much wine to know better and will probably end up elbowing each other in the eye.

4. The Eaten Too Much But Let’s Do It Anyway

For when you’ve known each other long enough that it’s not a disaster if one of you farts.

5. The Regrettable Experiment

For when you have to think up an inventive story at the osteopath.

6. The Extremely Quiet Sex At Your Parents’ House

For when Christmas Eve is just so romantic even if you are on the sofa bed at grandma’s.

7. The Really Bad Morning Breath But You Don’t Care Any More

For when you think sex might be the cure for your hangover.

8. The Stupid Argument Makeup Sex

For when you were really just hungry when you said that thing.

9. The Middle-Of-The-Afternoon Surprise Sex

For when there’s nothing good on TV.

Source: buzzfeed


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