Twenty signs that tell you exactly how good a man is in bed. No. 4 is ingenious.

When it goes well, sex can be one of the most beautiful things in the world.

But when things don’t run smoothly in the bedroom, it can very quickly become very frustrating for all involved.

Fortunately, there are a few clear clues that reveal if a man has potential to offer an unforgettable night — or any other time of day!

Anyone looking for a man should be able to recognize these characteristics to spare themselves any unpleasant surprises.

1. The first kiss reveals everything

Generally the first kiss says a lot about the quality of a lover. He should observe your signals and not just haphazardly lick around the general area of your mouth. Someone who kisses expressively and attentively will act in the same way when it comes to sex.

2. He takes kissing that little bit too far

An active and supple tongue is a good thing when it comes to kissing. But if a man becomes too voracious, it can end painfully. If he starts excitedly chewing on your lips, it’s a bad sign. Just imagine where he might bite you later.

3. He is stiff and inflexible — and really not in the good way

Men who are too stiff, selective and uptight are broadcasting warning signals. Frankly, sex is sometimes dirty, embarrassing and funny. How they choose their food can give you a clue: anyone who reveals themselves as extra picky and oversensitive will certainly not be very good at letting go. Not really a good characteristic for a carefree, unrestrained love life.

4. He doesn’t know how to stroke a cat

Cats are sensitive creatures that know exactly what they want. They communicate this through their body language and general demeanor. If a man can’t read these signals and doesn’t act on what the cat is telling him, he will also be unable to read your body language. Have an instruction manual ready in case of emergencies.

5. He has no game when it comes to foreplay

It’s hard to believe that we still have to say this today, but foreplay can be at least as exciting as the act itself. A good lover will get you all worked up before moving on to the main event. If your partner just goes for your breasts straight away or, worse, starts randomly poking around your vagina, it should set alarm bells ringing. Sometimes, a quickie is good, but really good sex requires a bit more finesse and should slowly build to a climax.

6. He brags about his size

In general, bragging is not a good sign. But when a man goes on about how well-hung he is, it should make you pause. A confident man doesn’t need to do this — he’ll persuade you through his actions and let his performance speak for itself.

7. He looks good — and he knows it too

Many a man thinks he is God’s gift to the world. The more a man relies on his appearance, the more wary you should be. Men who only rely on their looks are sometimes inclined to forget the dedication needed to please a partner.

8. He doesn’t give you oral

Anyone that has had to put up with this can only sympathize. Because there’s almost nothing worse than a man who refuses to pleasure his partner with his tongue.

9. He doesn’t like receiving oral sex

Men who can’t lie back and enjoy oral themselves will find it hard to be responsive to their partner’s needs. Anyone who is not comfortable in their own skin will find it difficult to relax their partner.

10. He is a terrible dancer

When it comes to sex, it’s often all about finding the right rhythm. On the dance floor, if a man shows that his sense of rhythm is really lacking, it can mean that you’ll have to be the one to get the beat going in the bedroom.

11. He is terribly egocentric

Men who only think of themselves are unlikely to be generous in bed. If he only takes and never gives — when it comes to food, to shopping or whatever — you should be careful. You may well lose out when it comes to lovemaking.

12. He is too self-confident

Yes, a healthy ego is a good thing, but when someone is fully absorbed in themselves, it can become annoying. These kinds of men are inclined to fall in love with themselves to the point where their partner becomes little more than an accessory.

13. He is so fussy that you wonder if he ever really grew up

When men are very fussy and childish, things become difficult. Constantly leaving food uneaten, continuously complaining or having a complete breakdown when they don’t get their way, these are all bad signs — because things won’t be any better in the bedroom.

14. Good sex starts in the brain

The Germans have a saying “stupid people are good in bed.” But that’s not really true — people who don’t give much thought to their everyday lives will be equally thoughtless when it comes to getting it on.

15. He can’t laugh at himself

Sex can sometimes becomes embarrassing. In these situations, it is best when someone doesn’t take himself too seriously and views the situation calmly. With a healthy dollop of humor, you can weather any sexual storm – no matter what goes wrong.

16. He makes strange, over-the-top noises

Yes, it’s good when he shows you that he’s enjoying something, but does he start moaning like a porn star — or a dying hippopotamus — when all you’ve done is start kissing him? Because that’s a way to kill the mood stone dead.

17. He can’t handle constructive criticism

Theoretically, anyone can learn to be a good lover. You just have to want to take constructive feedback on board. When he takes every tip he’s given in daily life as a personal attack, he’ll react the same way between the sheets. That means his learning curve will probably always be more of a learning plateau.

18. He is too enthusiastic

Men who can hardly wait to jump your bones will most likely not last long — which can be frustrating when it leaves you unsatisfied.

19. He is hung up on his appearance

Nobody is perfect and no one expects them to be. But nothing is more of a turnoff than a man who is constantly struggling to accept his body. At the same time, almost nothing is as attractive as a healthy self-confidence — and that holds true for every situation in life.

20. He constantly complains about every little thing

Men who think that the world owes them something and are always complaining when things don’t turn out the way they want, are probably very spoiled. They want everything for themselves and give nothing back.

And now you know what to look for. If the chemistry isn’t there from the start, it’ll probably still be absent when the lights go out. So stay sharp when choosing your partner!

Source: Lifebuzz


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