Mother Arrested After Performing ‘Sex Act’ On Her 3-Month-Old Son.

A mother sexually assaulting her own child? It sounds unheard of. After all, when we think of a mother, we imagine someone who is caring, forgiving, fair, and nurturing. Most moms would put their life on the line to ensure their child is safe.

Unfortunately, not all mothers are created equal, and there are some that are capable of committing unspeakable acts with their own flesh and blood. As far as the reason behind such actions, there really isn’t a logical one. It’s just sick and disturbing, and the incident with 19-year-old Jazmine Pacyga is no exception.

This is 19-year-old Jazmine Nichole Pacyga of Muskegon Township, Michigan.

She’s not even 20 and she’s facing spending most of her life behind bars after allegedly abusing her baby son and creating child pornography.

This photo of Jazmine breastfeeding her child might seem innocent, but she’s no mother of the year.

She reportedly performed oral sex on her 3-month-old son, according to court documents, and she didn’t commit these acts on her own.

Nathan Eric Osborne stands accused of coercing the teen mom of sexually assaulting her baby.

The 33-year-old allegedly persuaded Jazmine to send him images of the abuse as well, and now he’s headed to trial in circuit court to answer for his crimes.

Osborne, who is also from Muskegon Township is said to have waived his preliminary examination on March 28th, 2017.

This will allow the Muskegon County’s 14th Circuit Court to bound the cave over without the presentation of evidence and a decision by District Court Judge Harold F. Closz.

Jazmine’s charges have also been bound over to the circuit court in Muskegon County.

She was arrested on two felony charges and is currently being held in Muskegon County Jail. Oh, and in case you were wondering, her parental rights have also been suspended.

Her arraignment on February 8th, saw Jazmine’s bond set at a whopping $200,000.

The lewd act occurred on February 5th, and as a result, Jazmine has been charged with first-degree criminal sexual behavior and the production of sexually abusive material.

According to the petition filed by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, the mother fessed up to the accusation.

Jazmine made no attempt to hide what she’d done. She freely admitted to performing oral sex on her own son.

Meanwhile, the search for the baby’s biological father continues.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) will look after the child while they search for the biological father. As for Jazmine, she’s looking at spending the rest of her life in prison if convicted.

Osborne, who has no relation to either Jazmine or the baby could face 20-years in prison.

This would be served consecutively with a potential second 20 years he could get for using a computer to commit this disgusting crime. Who could even get seven extra years for the distribution of child related sexually abusive material and another four years for possession of the material.

Jazmine’s past may have also caught up with her in the worst way possible.

The court intends to punish her to the fullest extent and she is already being charged as a second-time habitual offender because of a prior conviction for felony home invasion.

Sadly, the evolving and growing threat of child pornography has become a real danger.

It’s become an even dire threat in the wake of people getting access to free online pornography to satisfy unhealthy sexual fantasies like child pornography.

Ultimately, Osbourne may have influenced Jazmine to do the crime, but no one forced her.

The choice to sexually assault her 3-month-old son was all Jazmine and now she’ll have to do the time for her crime.

Looking at the 19-year-old, it’s impossible to say what was going through her mind when she did what she did.

But it’s safe to say that she’ll definitely be spending a lot of time pondering her lapse in judgement, and when the other inmates find out what she did, she’s bound to be the least popular inmate in that prison.

The allegations against Jazmine almost didn’t come to light at all.

It was only after an acquaintance of Jazmine became aware of the child’s sexually abusive material that they contacted the police.

Like Jazmine, Osbourne is also a habitual offender, except this is his third time.

And you know what they say about third strikes…. you’re out! So it’s likely that his previous convictions will also be factored into his sentencing. As far as the baby’s concern, he’ll likely be too young to be traumatized by the incident, and will hopefully will go to a loving adoptive family.

Source: lifebuzz


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