Korean Illustrator Captures Love And Intimacy So Well That You Can Almost Feel It

Light touches, dreamy gazes and longing sighs… That’s what you’ll find in these intimate illustrations by Zipcy.
Zipcy, whose real name is Yang Se Eun, is a 29-year-old artist from Seoul, South Korea, who is not afraid to add some sensual and lightly erotic elements to her creations.

The “Touch” series portray moments of closeness in a couple’s life. The artist manages to capture the intense feelings of the first stages of love. They cannot stand being apart and enjoy every little moment together.

Take a look at some of the images from an ongoing “Touch” series and let us know which one was your favorite.

More info: zipcy.myportfolio.com | Facebook | Instagram

#1 You Breathed Out So Warm, And I Couldn’t Help But Lose My Mind

#2 His Scent Was Like Burying My Face In The Afternoon Pillow Filled With Sunshine. I Wanted To Suddenly Hold Him

#3 Sound Of Your Breath Between The Rain

#4 Still, No Idea Why I Love Touching Your Skin Than Mine

#5 Touching My Ear With A Deep Voice, Your Lips Were Much Softer And More Peculiar Than I Ever Imagined

#6 My Heart Was Tickling When His Fingertips Touched My Hair

#7 It Is Never Only A Physical Contact, Nor A Friction, But, In The Very Moment, It Is Something More- Give You A Crush, Take You High, Blow Your Mind, And Make You Float Around

#8 I Remember The Moment Your Floating Gaze Landed On Me For The First Time

#9 All Love Begins With A Gaze

#10 If Only I Could Carry This Softness For Good

#11 That Moment Of Mysterious Sensations

#12 Your Scent…

#13 When Her Hand Locked In With Mine Airtight

#14 Just About To Hold Hands, The Thrill Of Feeling His Fingers Sliding Between Mine

#15 Just Comb My Hair. I Felt As If Each Strand Of My Hair Subtly Revived Its Senses

#16 Your Scent And A Sunny Afternoon

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