K-cup mum, 23, claims her huge bust is turning her into a hunchback

Sheridan Larkman, 23, from Victoria, Australia, has to order special bras which cost £70 EACH

A MUM-OF-TWO with size K boobs claims her huge bust is turning her into a hunchback – but she can’t afford the £8,500 surgery to have a reduction.

Sheridan Larkman, 23, from Victoria, Australia, had DD boobs at just 10 years old and now has to order special bras from the UK which cost £70 each.

She told how she lives in “constant pain” and has been on a waiting list to see a specialist about having her breasts reduced for over three years.

Sheridan said: “More than anything, I want to be able to run around with my girls, Alaska (four) and Kaliese (three).

“Instead, I’m in constant pain. No one should have to live like that.”

She recalled how growing up, her boobs began to develop when she was just eight.

“While the other girls in my class wore pretty crop tops under their uniforms, I needed adult bras,” Sheridan explained.

“The boys would tease me and ask to have a look at them, it was mortifying.”

By the time she reached secondary school, Sheridan’s chest had grown to an F-cup and continued to grow to a G.

She admitted: “I’d wear a T-shirt over my swimming costume and had to restrain them so I could play football and dance. I wore two bras and a crop top.

“It didn’t stop them hurting though. The straps dug into my shoulders and my back ached from carrying around all the extra weight.”

At 16, Sheridan’s boobs had reached a double-H cup and red raw rashes appeared underneath them when the weather was hot.

“People often gawked at me in the street and men shouted rude comments,” she said.

“Clothes shopping was a nightmare. If I bought a size 10 to fit my waist, my boobs would spill out over the top.

“It looked like I was trying to flaunt them and I didn’t want people getting the wrong idea about me, so I got size 18 tops which hung down like a dress.

“When I met my boyfriend, Beau, he made me feel beautiful no matter what.

“He hated that I was in so much pain and with his encouragement I made another appointment with my GP.”

The doctor explained that Sheridan could go on a waiting list to meet with a specialist to talk about having a breast reduction on medical grounds.

Sheridan said: “Medicare would even cover some of the costs of the surgery, so I agreed.

“But in the meantime my breasts continued to swell. I had to order special J-cup bras from the UK.

“At $120 (£70) each, plus postage, they weren’t cheap – and they were so ugly.”

At 18, Sheridan fell pregnant, and as her bump grew, so did her boobs.

By the time her daughter Alaska was born, Sheridan needed a double J bra, but with only Beau’s wage to support them, she couldn’t afford one.

She recalled: “One day I was picking something up off the floor when there was a pop – a wire had burst out of my bra from the weight of my boobs!

“I tried to sew it up but it just split again. The wire dug into my skin, and wearing the wrong size meant I wasn’t properly supported.”

After the birth of their second child, the couple began planning their wedding.

Sheridan said: “I knew the exact dress I wanted – something strapless that made me feel like a princess.

“My mum and mother-in-law, Jenny, came shopping with me.

“I found the perfect gown, but it looked so ‘booby’ – so Jenny suggested taking some material off the bottom to make a strap for some support.

“It was perfect, and on the day I felt so comfortable.”

Afterwards, Sheridan returned to the doctor but there was no update on her case.

She is now a K-cup and still on the waiting list.

“If I stand up straight, the pressure on my lower back and neck is agony, so I constantly lean forward,” she admitted.

“I look like a hunchback.”

Sheridan told how she has looked into getting a reduction done privately, but it could cost around $14,000 (£8,500).

“It’s money we just don’t have,” she said.

“Going abroad would be cheaper, but I won’t put myself at risk.”

Source: thesun


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