These Cats Don’t Understand The Concept Of Personal Space

No matter how much we love, cuddle and feed our cats, they sometimes don’t want to return the favor. In fact, they can be outright jerks sometimes. They sometimes bite you, they ask for food all the time and they don’t always obey what we tell them.

And as you’re about to see in this gallery compiled by Aunty Acid, they don’t really understand the concept of personal space…

1. Oh you’re working? Let me just stretch out here…

2. Augmented reality kitty app!

Where can I download this?

3. This kitten knows school is boring

But he also knows he’s better than school!

4. This is so much more comfortable than a bed, hooman

I don’t think you understand.

5. “Heeeeey, what you lookin at?”

6. I don’t care if you love your new book

I’m more important than that.

7. He’s keeping his hooman good company

As hooman builds stuff, cat watches.

8. The cat’s going on a date, and he needs to keep his breath smelling fresh

“Hooman, you don’t get it. Give me the toothbrush.”


10. “I like your taste in literature, hooman. You are very good”

11. “Ruining your selfie? Nope, I’m making it better”

That’s what I imagine the cat on the owner’s head is saying, meanwhile the other is probably is saying “I AM HAVING SOOOO MUCH FUUUUUUUUN”

12. “No. NNNo. You can’t type.”

13. The cat needs to get that diploma, too

14. Hooman head very comfortable

15. This cat is a total pervert

I imagine the owner leaning her foot over to kick the cat after this photo was taken. I would.

16. Hi

Feel free to share funny photos of your cats in the comments below!

Source: auntyacid


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